saturday 27/09/2014

Send me 11 wee lee 0xp and Miss Twice is yours

What Crs did you lose ?

Hito everybody... Ladies and Gentlemen, come here!!!! i have for you, a very interesting lots. They are all normal cards 0 exp certified. Today your only difficult choise will be which lots i will buy! smiley Because i will value all kind of offer with cr playable and not playable, cash coffee and pocket money xD Then, come to look what i have to trade:

Lotto Mars : 200 Virginia 0EXP 17K/T
Lotto FUNKY : 100 Willy 0exp 16k/t
lotto MARMO : 50 Jay 0exp 18k/t

i accept:
CR playables and not playbles, i will make some example like Tanaereva Cr 310k, Caelus Cr 170k, Kalindra Cr 0exp 160k, etc etc

if you are interested send me a pm or write here your offer i will value her.

i will trade in private sale or with a mod


friday 26/09/2014

I give 225 000 clintz cash for him!

I still have 90 Beef 0exp smiley

Change my Cr Jackie, I am interested Pericles, Noctezuma, NGHAs and Tsubame ...
listen to offers

Seems reasonable to me gl on your sells!

Ive had offers just nothing i currently want

prices are negotiable of course
nothing is set in stone smiley

thursday 25/09/2014

Well i dont want to be a spoilsport but these threads are not allowed on the forums.. i request u to dont repeat these mistakes in d future

Edit: To go straight to the gallery, go to instead.

Hi, change mi lot of 30 D4 Funk 0xp 10k each for 65 Pr Hartnell 0xp 4600 each
Trade for vp

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