sunday 05/10/2014

Selling 160x Windzy ( 71x full xp 89x 0xp ) and 300x Taljion ( 136 full xp and 6x lv2 158x 0 xp )

Windzy going for 2.1k each unless you buy all togethere ill go for 2k

Taljion 2k each unless you buy all of them together i would be going for 1.8k

this is last price's i may trade if you can offer something fair

I evaluate my cards for these prices:
Linda 0 exp 3500
Linda full 3000
Jody full 780
Yayoi still unknown

saturday 04/10/2014


Thanks all !
My lot is over smiley

207 crunchy 0xp 250 each

I am looking for Dorian
I can trade it for 6 Oyoh

friday 03/10/2014


I would like to sell or trade my 20 Mefisto of mixed experience.

I can sell them for 15k/e or trade them at 16k/e

I am willing to trade for almost anything, but I prefer collectors

2.5k each

pm me

50 Spyke 0xp a 28,5k cad
Cr Giocable:
Jackie Cr 215k,Tanaereva Cr 315k etc etc

Buy my Melvin. smiley

Also buying

Octana 17k

Hi i search guru cr estimated 9m
I offer general cr 8.5m + 500k cash smiley
1 serve gets 1 wee lee 0xp smiley

thursday 02/10/2014

Simple trade, i search :

45 jackie cr 0xp (220k each) for my guru cr 0xp (9.9M)

For the first who accept the trade i offer 1 copper cr smiley

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