thursday 02/10/2014

Willy 14k
uchtul 13k

Im lokking for melissa cr , jim cr , dragan cr .
if you have any two or three i will compensate the difference .

wednesday 01/10/2014

It has been bought.

Both Blaasters are gone

@ZacharyThomas i evaluate dounia cr 280k / 290k (full / 0 exp). Complete your offer as you prefer smiley

@Pingerz lol thanks

@PolishPpl 825 k

Sell :
Splata cr full xp 800k
Search only cash thanks

Hello I want to trade or sell my lots of

Mahimata x25 0xp (2400 each)


Yodd X25 0xp (2100 each)


Splata cr full (810000)


You make an offer. I'm looking for caelus if that helps smiley

My new offers:
1 charlie 0xp + 1 mechakolos 0xp + 2 grace 0xp for 1 blaaster cr 0xp
1 dr copernica 0 xp for 1 vermyn n 0xp or 1 marina 0xp

Im looking for those 7 cards
Those 7 cards represent 85 000 clintz
So im offering you 25 Oyoh ( 102500 clintz)+ 2500 clintz to have a nice number of 10 500 clintz

Hi, i want to trade my general cr 0exp (8.5m) for your Guru cr any exp (9m).
I can add kalindra cr full exp (170k) + 200k cash.

Contact me if you're interested smiley

tuesday 30/09/2014

300 sir barks 0 xp 4k/each smiley

Hello. I want to exchange my splata Cr 0 xp for your Vickie Cr + 200k.

I now value scarlett cr at 1.35M and dragan cr at 970K smileysmiley

I Find Kerozinn cr smiley

Still looking for another vickie cr = 55 Aaron + 144 Linda ( all 0xp )

As title says, I'm looking to trade my 0XP Geuner Cr + difference for your Kreen Cr 0XP.

PM disabled, let me know if you are interested in this thread.


May be a blip I've seen him at, but isn't General usually around 9M and jackie 0 usually 200k to 220kish?

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