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tuesday 30/07/2013

Personally I vote the four or five of you that are still active just come on over to Limit Break. That's a serious offer and we've got open arms if that's something you ever want to consider. Otherwise, I wish you guys the best. You've been around forever and I hate to see old guilds die off but I suppose it's inevitable...

SHE iz E-moe, kneeds E-moe a nawn imus b4 pepole git hert.
You know what, it's incredibly hard to type this way. Just join WMD and get a free lyse teria, you noob smiley

Short link - > guild:1958128
Which players are you accept (language, country may be). And tell more about your guild smiley

monday 29/07/2013

Tournaments and events

Finished 46/854 in a Daily Tournament 7/29/13. 395 Battle Points!

sunday 28/07/2013

I think you should invite Char to LB just for the lol. smiley

Hello everyone, I am -FD-Ragnarok- .
We, the players of THE FANTASY DKB!!! , are in search of players who are above level 40 and are active in the game.
About us:- We are a guild of players who are quite active in the game and like to enjoy it.
Achievements:- We were among the top 20 guilds in the whole World for last two weeks. Our guild activity meter always reaches above the 24 000XP mark. Also we are the most active guild in India.
Requirements for entry:- From now on players who are above level 40 will only be accepted. You should also be able to play in any of the two formats of the game when you are allotted the Champion position.
Necessary that you should enjoy the game and play fair.
Guild link:- http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/guilds/guild/?id=1939730
My link:- http://www.urban-rivals.com/en/player/?id_player=22187691
Thank you!

Recruiting members now!!!

Take advantage of guild bonuses!

**For those new to the game, discuss strategies to earn MAXIMUM battle points and XP!

1. Active account.
2. Minimum level of 15.

thursday 25/07/2013

Introduce yourself
Explain which kind of guild your looking for.

wednesday 24/07/2013

Surprised they let me join, this guild is very inactive.

Can I join plz im almost to level 30 1 more level

tuesday 23/07/2013

Minimum lvl should be "greater" than that of a fortnight 15>14

and if you want to join send an application

monday 22/07/2013

smileysmileythis is the guild for active palyers we need more players those who dont have a guild or they arent guild memebers they r welcomed to my guild pls apply if u want to.my guilds on lvl 4 smileysmiley
smileysmileysmileysmileyTHE HELLZ RIDER


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sunday 21/07/2013

saturday 20/07/2013

You can message the support smiley



friday 19/07/2013

Hey everybody, I am Logan, I'm looking for cool and friendly people to play with. I'm not too big of a noob and I love challenging fights. smiley I may not have the most expensive characters ever, but I trust what I have and will gladly fight anybody. smiley

thursday 18/07/2013

If you change the word ELO to awesome, I totally have the guild for you...

This clan is for everyone. No limitations, just fun. And if your a fan of the fallout series even better. (Not a requirement) So come join the rangers and lets make a stance against the legion.(fallout references ftw)

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