tuesday 30/09/2014

3 haze 0xp against your 100 flush 0xp. If yes MP me. Good next.

I need her for my deck , i know its less than market price but could anyone give her to me for

10k clintz + mario

Selling 150 copy of Windzy going for 2300 gold each 72x of them are full xp rest 0xp leave an offer and im intersted in trade if its fair price smiley

Marlysa cr is overestimate, I value it in 1250K, i offer you 57 willy 0xp (17K/u) + dounia cr (285K) for your marlysa cr full xp

monday 29/09/2014

50 Zatman 0xp 32k/each
45 Liona 0xp 11500/each
20 Rolph 0xp 10700/each
10 Uranus full 20600/each
9 Ratanah full 21500/each
5 Terry Cr full 11500/each

Hi all,

I have decided to trade: 1050 Dorian 0xp 25k/each ---> divisible en lots 50 - 100 - 200 ....

I accept :
- cash
- DJ Korr Cr 9.9M
- Guru Cr 9.7M
- Kiki Cr 9.4M
- General Cr 8.5M
- Lyse Teria Cr 7M
- Scarlett Cr 1M360k
- Marlysa Cr 1M320k
- Sum Sam Cr 1.2M
- Manon Cr 1.2M
- ----> I can accept all the cr
- ----> I can also accept normals cards 10k+ en lots 50

Contact me

Also I'm interested in Noctezuma (the leader of hurrican clan)

Miss Twice Cr full +100k

I want to sell my 25 Oyoh for 110 000 or
Sedlnor Cr or two kenny Cr
or maybe some other cards
just inbox me

sunday 28/09/2014

Also can accept those combination
- Nahi Cr + Mechakolos
-Jackie Cr+ Mechakolos
- 3 Diyo Cr
- 3 Geuner Cr
-2 Blaaster Cr
I can consider others offer

Sorry for 3th offer
correct offer:
my 2 grace 0xp for 4 lennox 0xp or 4 askai 0xp


je vends 100 Zatman 0xp pour 34k/t

fin: 21:30

merci smiley

150 lindsey found!

thanks everyone

closing nowsmiley

New rates-
tasty tast@1350/t

reeve trade still exists

I buy all your Irene 0xp 1k for each privates solds

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