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monday 24/11/2014

Hi, i would like to trade my Vickie Cr 0xp (670k) for Alec Cr full (260k) + 410k

The complement can be :
- Cash
- Pericles 0xp (65k)
- Miss Twice Cr (380k)
- Chad Bread Cr (70k)
- Diyo Cr (90k)
- Cassio Cr (110k)
- Seldnor Cr (120k)

Kerozinn gone too smiley

Read rules before posting, part 2

do you want the link ? if yes, pm me, but this topic is not regular , i close it

sunday 23/11/2014

Read the rules before opening a post

Sell 6 boris cr full 22 500 clintz each

i accept all, cash crs no cr cards

pm me smiley

He is offering tanaerva cr and miss twice cr and 56k for dounia cr , Chad Bread Cr , Diyo Cr , Page Cr and Geuner Cr

How much 0 xp do u have ?
Pm me


In my VP
for 245/tête
If more than 100 => 250 tête
if more than 500 => 260 tête
if more than 1000 => 270 tête

THX smiley

Please specify the cards in your deck :0

Ok so 1m++++ xd

I value him at 7k/e

i have for trade:
40x Arno 0xp 15k/e
5x mechakolos oxp 66k
2x Emeth cr 0xp 95k

i also would take grouchy 11.5k/e
consider other nb offers.

pm me if interested.

saturday 22/11/2014

Buy one marlysa cr any xp i can give 1 750 000 clintz

Private sale


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