monday 15/09/2014

I will buy it all. smiley

Please you can close the topic

^ Good guy. smiley

sunday 14/09/2014

I can offer 51k clints and i have playble crs
pm please

Also accepting guru cr + 400k comp

100 copies of Tafa for 25k

I trade Elya Cr (630k) for cards or cash.
I'm interested especially in Tessa Cr (820k), i offer:
Elya Cr (630k) + 130k + Dregn (58k) or Tsubame(62k).

Contact me in PM and ask for the valutation because it could change.

I trade my 80 heegrn cr 0xp valued @ 15k (1.2M) each + 20 heegrn cr full xp valued @ 12k each (240k) for Marlysa Cr 0xp (1.3M)

My heegrn put together = (1.44M)
Marlysa Cr 0xp = (1.29M)

Bloodh 0 exp

Cassandra full exp

Burdock 0 exp

Ahkab full exp

Hammer 0 exp

Like a big bangsmiley

İ wnat to sell my Splata Cr 0xp for 840k Clintz.
i can buy these cards and cash?
Cortez 0xp 50k
Kolos 0xp 50k
Wee Lee 0xp 30k
Noctezuma 0xp 70k
tanaereva 0xp 310k

I search:
Vickie Cr: 600k
Lysa Terya Cr: 7kk
Marlysa: 1.4kk
For the answers contact me with the pm

saturday 13/09/2014

Looking for 0xp

20k comp

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