wednesday 24/09/2014

The title says all
i have 29 proffer man 0xp to offer
i value them at 1k/each
that makes it 29k
looking for cash mainly but would listen to other offers as wel..
pm me for faster response

C'mon I need a lot of card more! don't be shysmileysmiley

[SELL] Miss Twice Cr 0xp X6 Miss Twice Cr FULL X1
I want to sell Miss Twice Cr . The price is 340K . I accept cash or cr ,rare,cards. we can negociate

I bought cortez. waiting for askai

tuesday 23/09/2014

Sorry for neglecting this as I have said before I would rather not tale bulks of cards.

I am looking for something along the lines of marlysa cr + cash. As an example.

I accept 31K/t

for full cash

I trade kiki cr 0xp for guru cr or dj korr cr full xp

We waiting for new offer

All sold except Noodile cr and Noemi

Chiara,1 Hemdall & the other Yayoi 0xp are gone

I want to sell my Spyke (full xp) for 26.5k
or trade for Striker and i will give you my Spyke and 4k smiley

Sorry i have only 59k cash..smiley

This subject is an auction?

I'm really looking for for kerozinn cr plus cash or cards or both
I'm looking to get about 1m, but I'm willing to hear offers. Pm me or post here

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