tuesday 02/09/2014

Hey, i trade my 2 cr for:
-Lamar Cr 0xp (849k) for Vickie cr full + 225k clints
-Rass Cr full ( 860k) for vickie cr full + 230k clints
if you are interested contact me in chat smiley ty

Hi there

I have 50 Betelgeuse that I would like to sell:
27 Full
7 Mixed Xp
16 0xp

I would like to sell them at 6.2k/e

I am mainly interested in clintz, although I am also happy to trade for playable Collectors or lots of cheaper cards

Thankyou smiley

monday 01/09/2014

Dounia Cr full for your piranhas:

Smokey Cr

Only im interesting on this cards smiley

I only have 295 eadh ... not enough for me ! smiley

Jim Cr [255k]


I am looking to trade for your Dounia Cr 0XP (195k)

I have to trade Rolph and Toro 0XP

15 Rolph 0XP for 1 Dounia Cr
60 Rolph 0XP for 4 Dounia Cr
8 Toro 0XP + 6k Clintz for 1 Dounia Cr

PM me if interested smiley

Your dounia cr (0xp or full xp) for my jackie cr and 10000 clintz

I will trade my dounia cr 0xp for your jim cr (any xp)

I want to trade my Dounia Cr for your Caelus Cr, and 10k.

Dounia Cr = 185k.
Caelus Cr = 175k.

PM me for faster response ! Thank you !

Someone wanna buy my spike for 27k?

Closing this for now! hope to see you soon..smiley
if anyone is interested PM me
and yes, i have only 1 Dounia Cr 0xp (some think i have 7-smiley

My 2 Dalhia Cr 0xp for your Dounia Cr full or 0xp.

I have 54 Dalhia Cr 0xp smiley

Scambio Elya Cr (680k) + 100k per Tessa Cr o la vendo per soldi (680k).
Contattatemi in privato.

My Elya Cr + 100k for Tessa Cr

Hey! i TRADE my Sigmund Cr full (620k) for Vickie Cr full (620k) or for Vickie cr 0xp and i add 10k clints smiley
Contact me in privee ty smiley smiley

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