thursday 03/07/2014

Sell :
Reine cr 0xp 300k
Cash or cr mp thanks smiley


I want change my Guru Cr ( 10M ) Vs your Dj korr Cr ( 10 M)

Send mp


I have a calecus cr from skeelz and need to sell or trade it

I have a calecus cr from skeelz and need to sell or trade it

5 Min and i will close this subject

wednesday 02/07/2014

Thankx Richliu
good luck with the B Bazooka

Evaluation of Copper Cr 0 xp - 93k
I need:
Dr Copernica full xp - 37k
Octana full xp - 14k
Grace full xp - 16.5k
Boomstock - 3.5k
Pr Hartnell - 4k
Grouchy - 18k

That's a 93k, quite fair

Still 30 left

I'm not sure why you post this thread when you can always PM brahman himself to thank him personally. Wrong section and this is getting off-topic. Please refrain from posting if you are not conducting business in this forum. Thank you.

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Contact support here:
Nothing much we can do. Good luck.

I'd like to sell 'em for 600 clitz per head, in future the price will be higher

I sell Kiki Cr 0xp value 10,5m
I search
4m cash atleast
And crs like:
Marlysa Cr ( 1.38m)
Splata Cr (870k)
Tessa Cr (860k)
Kerozinn Cr ( 670k)
Vickie Cr (670k)
Lamar Cr (650k)
Jackie Cr (210k)

Even some unplayable Crs like:
Shawoman Cr (900k) max:1
Dragan Cr (820k) max:1
Sigmund Cr: (600k) max:1
Lao Cr (980k) max:1

Pm me
Thanks in advance

If you want to pay in cash only: 10 mio smiley

6 Jackie Cr 0 xp?

Magnar 4000 / t? smiley

tuesday 01/07/2014

Dirty Deans done dirt cheap? smiley

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