saturday 16/08/2014

friday 15/08/2014

^ are u interested in any cards specified or would accept clintz
40 kent @455 each = 18200
80 kent @450 each = 36400
i cant accept(afford) a lot bigger than it

30 marjory 0xp 7350/each

i want to trade my jackie cr full exp + 10k for a selsya cr any exp

contact me if interested smiley

Just looking for Smokey Cr and Caelus Cr now

All is gone, i close smiley

thursday 14/08/2014

It's gone, thanks. smiley

I buy kiki cr for :
4,1 cash
kerozinn cr
scarlett cr
shawoman cr
armanda cr
elya cr
a award cr
geuner cr

@o jamox

I am looking for kero+120k for my Tessa cr
Please Pm me or post here.


I trade Tessa cr for Kero+120k
Please PM me

My cards value[only lajunta 16 cards] 65 k according to urban rivals data base
looking for 52 only so why u people not want to trade?

Houtay's price is 950 clintz per head now.

Sorry staying at 19k

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