tuesday 09/09/2014

Tessa = 820k.... not 740k

I sell 980 redra full at 1.2 k each, if you are interested PM smiley

At the time I posted she was sitting at 335k lowest price... so when I posted 12 hours before you the price was different smiley

still way short especially since some folk are trying to hoard her already.

It's my birthday today and I want to use my General Cr I want 10k smiley

Looking to sell or trade my 200x Houtay 0 xp. Selling cheap @ 650/t
Would also accept decent trades. Please contact via PM with offers. Thanks!

I want to trade my ray (full xp) for your christelle and garrik (both full xp)
PM me if interested smiley

Lol yes please don't be sore because I refused your offer.

monday 08/09/2014

Hey, i trade Armanda Cr 0xp (1.25M) for 125 Liona 0xp (10k)
If you are interested mp me smiley

^ and i am ready to smiley

20k compliment it's pretty cheap. smiley

Buying Vermyn N lvl 1 - lvl 2 for 31k, directly in my ps ty.

Interested in Rass Cr 0xp ?

Hello to everybody i sell or trade the following cards:

◘ 1 Scarlett Cr 0exp 1.4m
◘ 1 Sum Sam Cr 0exp 1.25m
◘ 1 Armanda Cr 0exp 1.25m
◘ 1 Splata Cr full exp 800k
◘ 50 noodile cr ( 28 full+2 semi-evo+20 0exp) 18k/each

i can accept:
♥ CASH ♥
cr playables like Jackie Cr 208k, Tanaereva Cr 310k, Kerozinn Cr 680k etc etc

if you are interested contact me


Answer me about the magnars 0xp, you didn't reply back smiley

I've sold the Hawk but I still have the 100 Flush 0xp. Will consider any offer and the valuation of 1000ctz/ea is negotiable

I would like a full exp Lamar Cr and a compliment of just 8k clintz for my Lamar Cr 0exp

Your comment is useless smiley

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