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saturday 08/11/2014

Don't have the 195k clint, emeth cr or kawamashi cr but do now have pericles that i can add to the list

New Prices
Dr copernica 0xp 30K
Ruru 0xp 18K5
Jautya 0xp 6K

Im also trading for cards to looking for allstar berzerk gheist piranas vortex or a mix of card and clintz

friday 07/11/2014

6x Alexandrea 1,2k/cad
5x Boomstock 4k/cad
3x De Couture 1,2k/cad
1x Dr Copernica 31k
2x Farman 7k/cad
5x Geo 200/cad
2x Grace 7k/cad
4x Grouchy 13k/cad
4x Kenjy 450/cad
1x Lindsey 7k
2x Molder 400/cad
3x Pericles 72k/cad
1x Pr Hartnell 4,5k
7x Reeplay 700/cad
4x Vera 1,7k/cad

all for 382k
accept offers

That is most definitely an insane amount you are asking there buddysmiley

Bristone* sorry

Of course, without complements.

If anyone is interested i can trade whith cr (700k) smiley

thursday 06/11/2014

Like I wrote I buy a Kerozin Cr any evo (actually 730k), I can offer 600k + a Robb Cr(70k) .
The total price I offer is 670k. If somebody is interested please contact me smiley

Estimate la cobra 0xp pls

Sorry, I don't know why I postet this here. Delete please.

I am looking for Emeth Cr which I value 89k.
For trade I have Dregn (74k) and Noctezuma (80k) the missing clintz can be paid by me in cards or Clintz


I search for Kerozinn Cr (740k) and Tanaereva Cr (330k)

For change I have: Lamar Cr (910k) + Dregn (70k) / Noctezuma (80k) / Kenny Cr (85k) / Dalhia Cr (125k) (depending on which card you choose additional to Lamar there hast to be a compliment to Kero and Tana)

But also other combinations are possible:
Tanaereva Cr +30k contre Dregn + Noctezuma + Kenny Cr + Dalhia Cr
Or Kerozinn Cr + Cash for Lamar Cr


Blaaster cr *

Sell :
Tessa cr 0xp 825k cash
Mp thanks

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