wednesday 25/06/2014

Offer for 100 0 xp?

Thx Levi sent the cards in your ps smiley

tuesday 24/06/2014

Chiara Cr
Dr Falkenstein

just private sell the offers, cheers. smiley

Hello guys as the title i sell my Dr Copernican full exp 36500 clintz evaluated (as the market)
I'm interested in cash or trade. The cards that interest me are
Draheera (9700 clintz)
Hriger (5100 clintz)
Mokra (14200 clintz)
Lear Barduh (13800clintz)
all prices are negotiable
sorry for my horrible Englishsmileysmiley

Nobody wants a card that has been ridiculously manipulated..

GL though..

Hi i sell:

111 LEAR BARDUH 0xp 15500/e in pv

305 Naliah 0xp for 3400/E in vp

As the title suggests.. i have a 0xp el divino and i want to trade it for a any xp striker

plz help a 2k complement can also be added

Only 3 Uranus received so far .

Hi guys,

I'm trading Lyse Teria Cr (0exp)+compliment for your Dj Korr Cr or Guru Cr

My offer:
Lyse Teria Cr (0exp) 8kk
Caelus Cr 180k
Emeth Cr 85k
Page Cr (0exp) 80k
Smokey Cr (0exp) 80k
Tanaereva Cr 300k
Veenyle Cr 35k
2x Chiara Cr (1x0exp) 40k
3x Copper Cr (2x=exp) 270k
3x Robb Cr 150k
Ombre Cr 350k
Skullface Cr 210k
Melissa Cr (0exp) 340k
= 10.12kk

PM me for faster reply smiley

Thx @ Mods

best regards

Edited your title. Good luck.

Above the same players are winners
check ps smiley

Jackie Cr is no longer available, I still have Jim Cr if anyone is interested and I'll be posting him/her on the market at a reduced price

No, you have to pick untill Jackie's price

monday 23/06/2014

Ok fail xD there is not an English forum xD

Hi I'm looking for a kiki cr (full or 0xp, I don't care)

I can offer:

Rass Cr 0xp (980k)
Berserkgirl Cr 0xp (900k)
Armanda Cr 0xp (1375k)
Manon Cr 0xp (1290k)
50 Clive 0xp (12kx50=600k)

The rest of the offer will be completed in clintz

Made your offers smiley

P.D: I'm only looking for Kiki cr smiley

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