wednesday 15/10/2014

Atleast list which crs?

You already have your cards up for auction, another thread is not permitted smiley

tuesday 14/10/2014

Ok I totally suck lol


now it's ok

Send it to me for 50 clintz. i will send after that

Trade has been made

monday 13/10/2014

Send me Qubik 12995 Clint if your interested. thanks.

Im happy at price 1350

Hello business people,

I want to sell my 0xp Kalindra CR. I value her 180k

I am looking for:
-Other playable cr's

Offers are welcome in pm or comment.



I offer:
- 200 arawaka 0xp 1.6k/each
- 260 belmundo 0xp 1.2k/each
- 86 houtay 0xp 800/each

I accept:
- cash
- nahi cr 230k
- beltran cr 250k
- selsya cr 250k
- Thaumaturge Cr 240k
- A Award Cr 230k
- Skullface Cr 250k
- Dwain Cr 270k
- Jim Cr 320k
- Kerozinn Cr 650k
- elya cr 620k

Still up

sunday 12/10/2014

Good evening everyone
İ want to sell my spalata 0 XP for 850k

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