saturday 11/10/2014

TiP : sell them on the market, not many people will want to trade for el chiquito or a single miranda...

1 Crazy carlo full xp 19k

I trade my lamar cr 0xp valued 850k vs your splata cr valued 815k + 20k cash comp

I sell 0xp

-A 90 Calliope 1230k/t
-B 50 La Cobra 10k/t
-C 50 Brianna 7k8/t
-D 100 Beef 3k/t 
-F 100 D4 Funk 10k/t
-G 110 Clara 4k5/t
-H 35 Nabrissa 14k/t
- I 40 Lumber Jack 8k/t
-J 80 Rhed Cr 22k/t
-K 75 Hriger 7k4/t

And full

-L 200 Z3r0 D34d 9k/t

Only z3r0 d34d are separable on 50 cards
Only clintz.

Market value: 305,000
For cr's or cards.

friday 10/10/2014

Sold out. @ArtemisBZ THanks for the suggestions, will do next time. smiley

I have it full xp
I want no compliment remember
khazyan gone

I buy every Lost Hog Cr 0xp for 21k in private

thursday 09/10/2014

Hello, I am looking to trade or sell a few lots. Im mainly looking for Dounia Cr 0 xp (300k), Liona 0 xp (11k), Marjory 0 xp (6.5k), Bridge 0 xp (5k), Big Five, Collectors and clintz. However feel free to PROPOSE ANYTHING. Both the price of my lots and the value of the cards im looking for are NEGOTIABLE. Thank you for your time. smiley

500 Magnar 0 xp 4000 each

327 Akendram 0 xp 17000 each

71 Zornado 0 xp 19000 each

216 Wee Lee 0 xp 40000 each

I stimade lamar full=2 miss Twice 0xp+20k
I stimade splata=2 Miss Twice 0xp

I have cards like uranus etc

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