saturday 23/08/2014

I value each at 1750ea, still looking for offers!

Faint man vs sherbar
who will win?

Petra 0xp 8k and i Can accept Cr *

Saki - 16k
Crazy Carlo - 18k

Send them to my private sales if it's a deal, then I'm gonna buy them.


friday 22/08/2014

Hi im looking to buy Noctezuma for 78k
i am also looking for beetleguese and lelena for 5 k a piece willing to pay 90 k for all

Jackie for 217k and tan man for 298k and both for 510k

I think for a big lot like 200 brody 0xp , the price is correct because it's difficult to found many of them cheaper

but you can make an offer , maybe I could be interested

i'm looking for cr 0xp like
Marlysa Cr 1m4
Tessa Cr 840k
Splata Cr 840k
Vickie Cr 630k

Does Treeman = Useable CRs?

I sell:
100 westwood full xp 450 clintz each
200 westwood 0xp 470 clintz each
100 dr norton full xp 400 clintz each
250 dr norton 0xp 410 clintz each

If you buy ALL the cards, I sell them for 280.000 clintz

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