sunday 17/08/2014

I am willing to pay my Marlysa Cr + compliment
for ur (Splata Cr + Kerozinn Cr)

Or Yoshida + 2k, anyone?

I accpect cards and clintz too

Pls close.

My price : 190000
Anyone interested pm me plz smiley

No one interested?

saturday 16/08/2014

I have for sale today 50 dregn 0xp and 50 Graks 0xp

I value each a 75k per card

I am looking for copies of kolos 0xp, Cooper Cr, Blaster Cr, Kenny, Dalhia or possible big 5. Please pm me or post here with offer.


I am interested in purchasing Marlysa Cr for 1.3M clintz cash!

Thank you!

I'll give you 4 kicks and + 1 free uppercut. smiley

That's why he is offering 300k because he can't buy it for 350k.

friday 15/08/2014

^ are u interested in any cards specified or would accept clintz
40 kent @455 each = 18200
80 kent @450 each = 36400
i cant accept(afford) a lot bigger than it

30 marjory 0xp 7350/each

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