friday 12/09/2014

Elya purchased smileysmiley

12 ZDrone 3* =1100k each =13,200
21 Billy Bob 3*=650 each = 13,650
7 Bunny 2*=550 each = 3,850
If you will buy all 30,000 smiley

There are still avaible:

B) Splata Cr 0exp 800k
C) Sum Sam Cr 0exp1.2m
D) Armanda Cr 1.2m

I exchange Kiki Cr 0exp (9,3 M), I search full:
Reine Cr 300 k
Ambrose Cr 400 k
Shawoman Cr 800 k
Aldebaran Cr 800 k
NDololo Cr 800 k
Rass Cr 900 k
Flavio Cr 900 k
Lao Cr 900 k
Sum Sam Cr 1,2 M
Armanda Cr 1,2 M
Manon Cr 1,2 M
Scarlett Cr 1,2 M

Contact me here or with mp.


Hello to all,

I sell or exchange these lots of cards 0xp

I accept cash and Cr 0xp

10 Shann 18k/tête
25 Quinn 2k8/tête
30 Doug Snop 1k3/tête
20 B Bazooka 4k8/tête
50 Belle 200/tête
150 Miss Lulabee 4k/tête
60 Archie 1k/tête
70 Jiro 2k5/tête
400 Norman 1k/tête
50 Taylor 6k5/tête
90 Malicia 2k8/tête
180 Gork 3k/tête

Negotiation MP smiley

edited by ArtemisBZ friday 12/09/2014, 11:48

I offer a Kalindra cr, Copper cr, and Graks for your full dounia cr

116 Lost Hog Cr, 14 full - 102 0xp smiley


Ongh full or 0 exp??? and charlie???

If you want I buy your mulligan for 500 clintz each smiley

Are you interested in 350 bertha 0 exp???

thursday 11/09/2014

Good evening, I buy your Grace 0xp there has 7k4 heads 0 is no limit, hesitate in me MP and you can put on sale them to me deprived, you can also contact me

Sorry from my English

Hello i buy all your raskal 0xp for 6000 clintz ech in my vp smiley


Are you interested by Vermaire 0xp, Nabrissa 0xp, D4 Funk 0xp?

Hello everyone!
I am selling 20 brody 0exp for 11,5k-12k
I would prefer clintz but i can also accept cards(no bulks)
PM me for faster response
Have a nice day! smiley

Hello to everyone smiley
i trade my 2 dounia cr full for a vickie cr full
or 1 dounia cr 0xp + 1 dounia full for a vickie 0xp


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