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monday 02/02/2015

+ heegrn cr

sunday 01/02/2015

Tanaereva cr for dounia cr + 30k?

Who wants to trade a good card or a playable cr for Dj Korps?

Someone buyed it. close thread

Nightmare sold... still have a ton of auctions up

This is like the 3rd time -.- I'm trading 6 Tasty Tast 0xp (18k) + 1,200 clints vs Bodenpower. (18k) and can do the trade 20 times smiley

Mp se interessed Edwin

Selling 100x Zapatino (Full exp)
50x Yaman (Full exp)

Cheap if you buy in bulk. Message me with the quantity you want and offers. smiley

-.- this is the second time....

Je met en enchere mon Yayoi Cr (84.5k) et Dolly Cr (13k) = 97.5k

Je recherche:
Du Cash
Des Cartes (seulment en 0xp!):
Tsubame 70k
Wee Lee 34k
Zatman 31k
Gil 25k
Et je prend aussi plein d'autre cartes (pas plus que 40 exemplaires et en 0xp)

Fin d'enchere: Mercredi 22h

Will someone trade their Copper Cr for Slyde Cr, and Marco Cr? That would really be a help. ~Thanks~

Hi all,

i'm looking to buy Josephine at any xp. I can offer 16k cash.

thanks !

I'm buying lots if larry 500 clints ph plus have lots of dolly to trade

Kero 760k. Tanman 370k
Not interested in Manon. thanks

J'echange blaaster cr (183k) + seraM1 (23k) pour Kalindra Cr (199k).

Tu gagne 7,000 clints avec l'echange smiley

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