friday 01/08/2014

Looking for arno
t gaank

pm me for price discussion

Please close this, mods. I managed to do something for it. Already bought him at 13.6k

Just level the damn thing

thursday 31/07/2014

It varies from card to card, but definitely only buy cards that will be easy to sell, which typically carry one of two characteristics: very large margin or very popular card. If a card isn't playable, you will want a larger margin because it will be harder to sell. If a card is popular, it will almost definitely sell, so you can carry a lower margin and sell it fast.

X10 320
X50 325
X100 330
All I ps thanks

I'm looking to buy a Jackie Cr for 190k. If interested private sell to me. I have the clintz so I'll buy it right then and there. Thanks.

New guilde business

Estimation de edd cr 0xp

Bringing this back up, offer still stands

wednesday 30/07/2014

Je echange mon Beserkgirl cr pour des crs.

Je estime mon Beserkgirl cr a 860,000 clints

Je recherche:

Splata cr (820,000)
Vickie cr (650,000)
Tanaereva cr (295,000)
Jackie cr (205,000)
Des crs jouable

Envoyer vos offres dans mes vente privé

Merci smiley

36 Boomstocks 0xp: 4000/h
34 Pr Hartnell 0xp: 4300/h

in vp smiley

Thank you for the PS guys I'm still buying them, max 300. Keep on sending those Ward Hg! Have a nice day smiley

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