sunday 08/06/2014

9333333 GG if you don't want GG!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please specify your selling price smiley

Not looking


-1 sylth cr

saturday 07/06/2014

1 gradymag = 1500 ctz
Go dude!


164 Duke 0XP 5000/t
40 Vermaire 0xp 13'000
70 Mefisto 0xp 10000/t
106 Betelgeuse 0xp 6000/t

Look for:

Ca$h ---
Tessa Cr full 865k
Kerozinn Cr full 700k
Jackie Cr full 210k/t
Caelus Cr 0exp 185k/t
Kalindra Cr full 156k/t

in Vp

Lol ok GOOD LUCK ahah

THE complement would be about 30k

This card is now on auction

Taljion 450x + Windzy 95x For sell or trade Selling price is Taljion : 3k ( accpting full sale of all cards for that price only )

Windzy : 1.5k ( accpting full sale on all the cards for that price only )

trading is done with High value cards accpting multicards and unplayable cr as long as the card worth basicly same selling price trading can be done for few Cards not all of them .

Hey Guys,
I'd like to buy Lamar Cr. If u are interested in selling him, I would buy him for around 590 k, if interested.
I also can offer Chiara Cr, El Divino and Yayoi (all 0exp) to trade.

If anyone is interested, PM me smiley.

Greets Mura

Hi guys.
im looking for Jackie Cr
190k clints but we can talk about it!smiley

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Sold away. Thanks. Subject Closed.

Oops. Meant to post this in the french forum.

@rozzo sylth is 50k /tand magnar is 5/t pm

friday 06/06/2014

Hi, i want to sell or trade my dragan cr 0exp evaluated 900k

for 900k cash

for Alec cr (170k) + 730k

If you're interested, please contact me by pm smiley

Ugh I am more than aware someone has an auction for 1000 Wee Lee 0 xp on the french forum, but thanks for telling me again for the 7th time. 30k each is the PDD not the actual price, a batch of Wee lee sold at that price would be gone within 30 minutes. Furthermore I have gotten more than fair offers (38k / t +) but I have turned them down because they ether contain to many cards or they cannot trade for the entirety of my lot. smiley

☆Vickie Cr [650k]

0 Spycee

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