sunday 13/07/2014

Looking for an equal trade.

Im interested in following cards

Amiral Coco
La Calavera
La Cobra

if you have any other suggestions... pm

General 0xp for general full + 25k smiley

It means 8M each mdr

good luck but it's not enough smiley

Trade/Sell lyse teria cr (7.5kk), I am interested in:
- Kerozinn cr 0xp (700k)
- vickie cr 0xp (710k)
- jackie cr 0xp (210k)

Think you need to make the price for La Cobra a little bit lower.

Bonjour à tous;
Je recherche Zapatino, Wonder Lana, El Matador, Pandagran, Gatuchica, El Kaktus, El Gascaro, La Cobra
prix dépendent par le nombre de cartes

Marlysa Cr x2
Blaaster Cr x2
Dalhia Cr
Geuner Cr
Smokey Cr
peut-être cash

Me contacter pour des messages privés à trouver un accord
Bon Jeu a tous! smiley

I buy lots of Huracan:
Zapatino, Wonder Lana, El Matador, Gatuchica, El Kaktus, El Gascaro, La Cobra

I offer:
Marlysa cr x2
Blaaster cr x2
Dalhia cr
Geuner cr
Smokey cr

Contact me in pm for according, good game smiley

Price update
3 Charlie 0 xp:65k/h
6 Yayoi 0xp:44k/h

29k its al i got on me would anyone sell me 1 for 29k?

saturday 12/07/2014

"I'LL NOT ACCEPT LOTS OF CARDS, you can do offers with other Crs that I didn't write if you want, I'll value them"

Are you blind?!

Anyway Vickie cr and 1 Tanaereva sold... Remain:

x2 Jackie cr 0 exp
Sigmund cr 0 exp
Tanaereva cr 0 exp
Blaaster cr 0 exp



I have Lao Cr 0 exp, I want sell him for 990k or trade him with a Splata Cr full Exp + 100k smiley

Offers in PM!smiley

I guess he is selling one copy only because "He is worth 79k full and 95k at 0xp."smiley

Kephren gone!!!
sold all my stuff thnx

No one received any cards. just count this time as my present to you jamox smiley

Tell me how many jackie 0 exp do you like for vickie? or do you have Kerozinn cr? smiley

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