thursday 15/11/2018

You can still get cards with Clintz.

Hi, im looking for Numar 0xp at 170k each, you can send them directly in my private sales.
If you have lots, please contact me in pm so we can talk about it (prices will increase according to the quantity of Numar)
I have some cr like Vickie Cr Spyke Mt Ymirah Cr Noctezuma Cr to trade for bigger lots

2 death adder 0xp vs 1 crook + 1 nolove?


I add a lamar cr full xp 4.300.000 and
Vickie cr full xp 3.500.000

wednesday 14/11/2018

Clintz preferably.
Also looking for:
Xantiax Robb cr/ will add clints
Alec Mt/ will add clints

16.5m and 2x Kougloff

pm me if you have any offers as well smiley

tuesday 13/11/2018

I can make other trade!

7 Striker Cr Oxp 290k/u , total 2M030
For 1 No Love Oxp 2M. 2 times.

Sorry are 2 million Clintz! Lol

No Love and Kreenk have gone!
Quetzal is no longer needed!


(Ignorando o nick pa n dar o prazer ao lion smiley

I have a Guru Cr 0xp i want to use, i would hate to level him up so i wanna trade for a full xp one, no compensation necessary.

I offer Guru Cr 0xp
I request Guru Cr Full XP

Hi! I would like to buy a Rowdy CR for 200k Clintz.

Please, contact me by DM if you are interested

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