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sunday 15/09/2019

I'm trading
Geuner Cr (full xp - 560k)
#Grudj Cr (full xp - 110k)
Mona Cr (full xp - 780k)
Pr Cushing Cr (full xp - 540k)
Chad Bread Cr (full xp - 260k)
Eddie Cr (full xp - 101k)
Shaakarti Cr (full xp - 160k)
#Robb Cr (0xp 350k)

Searching for
#Spyke (650k)
Ratanah Mt (850k) any xp
PM me for faster answer

saturday 14/09/2019

I pick up two Aldebaran Cr 0xp from the sale

friday 13/09/2019

Since their price has increased a lot recently, I up my offer to 400 000 cash and the 45x Urubu.


I would trade my Dounia Mt (full xp) [~3.5kk Clintz]
against a Nemo Mt [~3kk Clintz] + Clintz

please send me a PM if you are interested smiley

Gruber 0xp 90k
Gruber FULL 85k

pm me how many you want, I have alot smiley

As per title, looking for #Lyse teria cr any xp, trading it with 100 Beef Cr 0xp

I will buy sammy card,buy in market something from me for 22k and i will buy a Sammy card on private sell with you OK? smiley

thursday 12/09/2019

I see that Diyo's price dropped. I'm happy to make up the difference to keep my offer at 4M.

3 Beeboy Cr 0xp for aldebaran ?

Prices are fair imo, but im not in a hurry.

wednesday 11/09/2019

Seeing how this will take a while. I will let you know my offer expires within the next 10 hours if you intend to consider for a trade with Rass Cr.

Hi, my Pr Hide 0xp vs your 3 Baraa 0xp

Possible x100


I am also looking for lots of Baraa

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