wednesday 23/04/2014

Selling Kamekun x 64 (60 0XP, 3 Full, 1 2*) for 130k in cash.

PM me or post here smiley

Hello to everybody i'm looking for some mefisto 0exp (13k each in cards)

for them i offer:

33 Angelo 0exp(4.5k/t)+10 Moses 0exp(4.5k/t) vs 15 Mefisto 0exp 13k/t

or 3 angelo/moses 0exp for 1 mefisto 0exp 13.5ksmiley

all in private sale

if you are interested contact me all is negotiable


Sell have lots and lots to sell/trade. smileysmiley

dregn 0xp
zatman 0xp
kolos full xp

I sell 5x Smokey Cr 0xp
I value them at 80k / unit

I accept:
-Caelus Cr, Jackie Cr, Tanaereva Cr any xp
-Vickie Cr (I give the Smokeys + 200k)

DUC-San has bought it from u with price 150 k

So what do you want ? Please state specifically.

T> Ayah to Florida Jane and Brok to Nabrissa
Accept any lvl.

Feel free to contact me for trades as well. Same rules apply to me as described my infiniti.

tuesday 22/04/2014

Stupid bug smiley

190k cash in VP


I would like to sell some lots :

Lot 1 : 62 Toro 0xp
↝ 22k/u

Lot 2 : 41 Kolos
↝ 53k/u

lot 3 : 51 Arno 0xp
↝ 16k/u

Contact me by PM, my price are not fixed.

Thanks to all smiley

Scratch brody already have him

70 for 300k
pm me

My bad
ima close thre thread

Hi people!
I'm interested in ALL your Dreen 0xp. I pay 800/head.
Directly in my private sales smiley

Super duper deal

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