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wednesday 11/09/2019

Since this trade might go nowhere given the circumstances, it’s probably safe for me to lock the thread.

I would like some too smileysmileysmiley

I can give you Zis xD ogh i need this card CR but my account is block :

tuesday 10/09/2019

Sale 1 MKali full xp 1.3 mill. no trade, just cash

Oh ok. I was think 20 is need to send not to accept trade . But ok. Somebody was buy a card so i will have for this galactea haha

monday 09/09/2019

I can also pay 450K straight.

I'll take my offer back smiley

I am looking for a Kiki Cr.
Able to trade against Volkan cr or Canibal cr + Cash or other Cr's.
Message me if you are able and willing to trade smiley.

sunday 08/09/2019

DM for any offers please. smileysmileysmileysmiley

I am looking for these cards (1 copy):

Iris Morana 90k
Icaro 80k
Figaro 75k
Vermaire 80k
Mona Cr 680k

I can pay cash or trade with some copies of Urubu 0xp (19k), El Magnifico (15k) or Betul (19k)

saturday 07/09/2019

Forgot one info: all of them are 0xp

I got both for trade, what is your offer?

friday 06/09/2019

My friend, this monday they will be worth 100K each if you sell them to Kate.

If you sell them to a player for 90k you also lose 5% (3.5% if you're in a clan with the bonus) by taxes.

Here: https://www.urban-rivals.com/community/community-event/

Good luck!

thursday 05/09/2019

Alredy own 2 copies of jackie , thanks anyway.
Still up the offer.

I would like to trade my Lyse Teria CR for a Kiki CR or Guru CR + Cash/Cards...
Any offers? Send me a message!

wednesday 04/09/2019

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