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monday 02/09/2019

Hi! I would like to sell my

Melissa cr 0xp - 1.3m
Kerry Cr 0xp 250k
Quetzal cr 0xp 625k

I will also accept trades and cash combinations. I'm looking for
Crook (400k)
Death adder (1m)
No Love (1m)
Atkinson (1m)

Please PM me if interested! Thanks smiley

saturday 31/08/2019

I decided to increase the Clintz offer to over 1.7mill or I can do Clintz and cards. Just message

Manon Mt full (me) + 500.000 clintz vs Manon Mt 0xp (you)
Scarlett Mt full (me) + 500.000 clintz vs Scarlett Mt 0xp ( you)
Guru Cr full (me) + 250.000 clintz vs Guru Cr 0xp (you)

Just Lyse, now.

I want to buy Maana Cercei any exp for 450k, thanks.

friday 30/08/2019

I can offer you
General Mt ( 0 Exp ) = 14.9m

in exchange for :
Liona ( 0 Exp ) = 180k / each = ( Total : 82x )
Cyb Lhia ( 0 Exp ) = 30k / each ( Total : 495x )

Complement value will be 1m in cards maximum

thursday 29/08/2019

I am aware this is a slightly far reaching offer.
I could throw in Charlie Cr + Kaizerin.
PM if interested.

Thank you for explaining, you guys are awesome smiley

Both cards sold. Please lock and thank you

I will throw in an additional non-Cr card of your choice (could be #behemoth even) if we get this going today smiley


I offer:

Lamar Cr 0 xp 4,2M
Vickie Cr full 3,65M
#Tanaereva Cr full 2,3M
Jackie Cr full 1,1M
2 Caelus Cr full 1,1M/t
Blaaster Cr full 1,1M
Ratanah Mt 0 xp 1M
7 Ratanah Mt full 750k/t
10 #Behemoth 0 xp 450k/t

I have a few at lv 3, 4 and 5 aswell, but I only sell them for 100.000 Clintz each

And Also I want to trade with Blaaster Cr

wednesday 28/08/2019

Send me a message if interested or just send as a private sale. I will accept the offer as soon as posible smiley

tuesday 27/08/2019

If he becomes a Collector, then you can sell them all for 22.050.000 Clintz smiley

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