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thursday 29/08/2019

I have a few at lv 3, 4 and 5 aswell, but I only sell them for 100.000 Clintz each

And Also I want to trade with Blaaster Cr

wednesday 28/08/2019

Send me a message if interested or just send as a private sale. I will accept the offer as soon as posible smiley

tuesday 27/08/2019

If he becomes a Collector, then you can sell them all for 22.050.000 Clintz smiley

Don't play this game too much anymore, pm me for more details.

monday 26/08/2019

@-LoA-ImpalaSS I bet you never read the "terms and conditions" when you created your Urban Rivals account.

Looking to acquire Kiki Cr any xp. I have a level 4 evo DJ Korr to trade. Market right now is about 4 Million cash difference. Open to card offers instead of cash(no lots). I will consider playable rare/Cr/Mt that are minimum 1mill each so max would be 4 cards. Less cards the better.

sunday 25/08/2019

PM if interested or just send as a private sale. I will accept as soon as posible, thanks for the business!smiley

I'm looking to buy Dregn Mt for 600k, PM if interested in selling or just send as a private sale. Thanks!

I'm seeking cards from the following Artist :

Team Chman

saturday 24/08/2019

My offer for him would be 13.5m if you need a quick buyer smiley
Here I am smiley

Thanks again sir! Remember to close the thread smiley

friday 23/08/2019

I can do it sir smiley

Send me a message or just directly into private sales, I will accept ASAP

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