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friday 23/08/2019

Send me a message or just directly into private sales, I will accept ASAP

I have no idea whether you're serious about the offer or not, but stop. It's at the very least inappropriate content.

thursday 22/08/2019

I'm looking to buy Ymirah Cr for 1.5 mil. PM if interested in selling. Thanks!

I'm trading my Spyke Mt (around 640.000) full XP for a Dregn Mt any xp (around 640.000)

Hi, I accept your offer B Mappe Cr full, Xantiax Robb Cr full, #ymirah cr full, Caelus Cr full + 3M vs my DJ Korr Cr 0 xp smiley

wednesday 21/08/2019

Good evening,

I offer:

Kiki Cr 0 xp 9,2M
Vickie Cr full 3,8M
Lamar Cr 0 xp 3,8M
3 #Tanaereva cr 0 xp 2,5M/t
Smokey Mt 0 xp 2M
Rass Cr 0 xp 1,9M
Jackie Cr full 1,15M
2 Caelus Cr full 1,1M/t
10 #Behemoth 0 xp 450k/t

I am looking for:
Volkan Cr 0 xp 7,2M
Volkan Cr full 7M

P.S. I have 3,5M Cash for any adjustments

Pm if you want smiley

I trade my B Mappe Cr full and Caelus Cr full vs your Sigmund Mt

Hi! I want to trade my Crs for Tanaereva Cr any XP!
Tanaereva Cr (1.9m)

Offer -

Striker Cr full xp 200k
Cassio cr full xp 440k
23 Hilal 0xp 340k
Ongh cr 0xp 500k
Bloodh Cr 0xp 180k
Corvus cr full xp 75k
Sentenza 280k = 2.015m

Send me PM if interested

Hi, my Marina full vs 4 little cr ex : Nobrocybix Cr Gibson Cr...

I'm trying to raise my collection rank, but its getting tedious using the MP
I hardly have any uncommons or rares so I dont need specifics, I just need them to be cheaper than the MP
Send trades

tuesday 20/08/2019

I sell my little Scarlett MT
offer prices, i put her on the market fot 20kk while the lowest is price is 22k.
So offer another good price or buy it, quick before they take it! smiley

I offer him at a fixed value of 850k smiley

I do not accept trades with other cards.

You have to name them. Otherwise no one will know what kind of cheap card you need

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