monday 05/05/2014

General 9 Mio

I have 20 left smiley

Nahi Cr = 175k
Dahlia Cr = 95k
PM if interested
Happy Dealings smiley

I forgot to add the ( trade buy ) sign sorry

How much cash

Berserkgirl sold smiley

Trading Sum Sam Cr for Tessa Cr + Dragan Cr

I'm trading 2 ghumbo 0xp + 8k for a jane ramba cr any xp

Lol aldebaran can be found often at 700k 0 exp.

9 Aylen @ 5.5k eack
19 Gork 0xp @ 2.8k each
18 Malicia 0xp @ 3k each
10 T Gaank 0xp @ 4.5k each


Nice partnership smileysmiley

You have a PM spycee smiley

@tagux : he has two very old chikko cr (number 2170 and 20501) , so among the very first cards of the game , considering that now we are at number 431958490 (around this )

Chikko number 2170 should have a higher value for collectionists, that's why,

Hoping to have helpd, i wish you a good day smiley

Looking for as many T gaank as possible

i have for trade 100 0xp Tucks ill trade one tuck for one T gaank 0xp (or full if you have multiple)

I want to buy Copper Cr , who is interested pm me
cards which i can offer to this trade :

9 aylen @ 5.5k eack
19 gork 0xp @ 2.8k each
18 malicia 0xp @ 3k each
10 t gaank 0xp @ 4.5k each

interested people, pm me

sunday 04/05/2014

Sell Kenny CR 70K

Hahaha xD

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