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tuesday 16/09/2014

Closing ill remake a new one some time

I'll up it to 20k, i just really want Kalindra Cr smiley

Please provide more info in future posts

Well, that.
Gabrielle 8900
Uranus 21100
Striker 30000

monday 15/09/2014

I'm trading a full exp Wee Lee for a Octana and Farman. Or Grouchy Farman and Grace

Still valid! i add 100k cash!

I am looking for a HUGE discount, yes

I am a collector, I really just want to own the collection. its why I got into this game.

I am also willing to negotiate but not allot

Salut à tous,

j'échange :
- 21 Dounia cr 0xp 325k/t
- 24 caelus cr 0xp 185k/t

Je cherche le BIG 5
Lyse teria cr 7M
General cr 9M
Kiki cr 9.3M
Guru cr 9.5M
Dj Korr cr 9.6M

Already sold it guys

Doctor I think you need to get yourself checked. It says 12 smiley

My 20x zoid for your 20x kronnen or
my 20x zoid for your 20x kobalth
my 30x oxo for your 15x na boh
my 20x oxo for your 20x vladimir
my 15x kamekun for your 15x erika 0xps
my 5x baby q for your 5x gaia

pm me smiley

Done trading

I will buy it all. smiley

Please you can close the topic

^ Good guy. smiley

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