tuesday 13/05/2014

I was joking ... smiley

Looking for cash for Atleast 55k per head.

Valutation of 100 tremorh full and 100 nanook full?

monday 12/05/2014

Loooking to trade my 0xp graks for your full graks + 2k :3

OMG....1k for bill??? he is crazy!!!!

I sell 4x Smokey Cr 0xp

1st price at market: 103k
My price per unit: 99k

I accept cash and playable Cr's

PM me if interested

Sum sam cr and shawoman cr sold smiley only berserkgirl cr is still avaible smiley nobody interested?

@u4l2 ahahha yeah smiley i'm on all forum XD

Spycee, soz, Your post is so long I hadnt notice you have ndolo and shawoman smileysmiley, made a offer so we can negotiate

sunday 11/05/2014

•NOBODY smiley

Send me PM with a good price


I'm looking to sell or trade my Kalindra cr lvl 3. I value her at around 152k

I want either cash or playable cards!

Please, pm me for a faster response smiley

Thanks mods! smiley

Sorry, not 50k, 30k.

I want to buy Michael for 29 k , plzz send to my private sales and pmme

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