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sunday 07/09/2014

Hello all, isell 100 5* 0xp 1040/each smiley
15 belmundo
38 judge scare
21 wolf
21 nova
5 valter bianco

saturday 06/09/2014

Thats it I need Gil and Im giving Michael per Gil + 3k

Thanks mods.

Hi, I want to sell my lot of 50 Noland 0xp.
I value them at 2.2 K each for a total of 110 K, tractable. The lot is not divisible.
I'm mainly interested in cash, but I'm willing to entertain other offers

PM if interested

Hawk 0xp = 14k

2 Hawk 0xp +2k = X-0dus full xp

Its 9 0xp not 9 full xp smiley
my mistake xD

Can someone close this :S


Specify means specify.

Hey guys!

I'm looking for a Manon Cr. Any level. I have 1,000,000 in clintz. smiley Let me know if we can work with that. smiley

friday 05/09/2014

I'm looking for 63 irene 0xp for my offer smiley

I was little off from the game and consequently, I couldn't get Dounia... Now, for the average UR player, this wouldn't be a major problem, we all (almost all) have cards that we missed out and don't have, but to me, this is a major problem because: I have always loved Skeelz, and have had the full clan for a long time, always get the new cards, but now... that thing is worth 300k+ clintz atm... I will never get that card in normal situations, as I don't want to sell a bunch of valuable cards just so I can get one...
SO, HERE'S THE DEAL: I have a LOT of cards (97% of all collection), and I want to know if anyone is willing to Trade Dounia (someone who has copies,doubles) for any other card. Just say the card you want, and I will see if i have it and reply wether i take the deal or not. WARNING: I don't have the "big guns" of the game,any 300k+ clintz are the ones out of my collection

Are you insane? I'll tell you now you will not get 1.8M clintz for a 1.4M max card.

I want change my lot 13 Copper cr 0xp 85k/t=1m105k Vs 5 Jackie Cr 0xp 221k/t= 1M105k

I have lots of tameshi, naliah et rekved to changer by Jackie cr 0xp

Hey, i sell 200 graven (6000 /cad) and 00 Aaaron 0xp 5250 /cad smiley
Mp me

Helo to everybody i'm looking for 1 dj korr cr for him i offer:

Lyse Teria Cr (7m)+ 50 Noodile Cr (900k)+ Splata Cr (820k) +100 Qubik 0exp (1.1m)

we will trade in private sale or with a mod

if you are interested contact me


Hello to everybody i sell or trade the following cards:

♥ 50 Noodile Cr ( 30 full+20 0exp) 18k/each
♥ Splata Cr full 820k
♥ Splata Cr 0exp 830k
♥ 100 Qubik 0exp 11k/each
♥ 55 hemdall 0exp 21k/each

i can accept:

cr playables like Jackie Cr 208k, Tanaereva Cr 310k, Kerozinn Cr 680k etc etc
for hemdall , Qubik and Noodile Cr i can accept also some cr not playbles

if you are interested contact me


Closed plis. I sold it.

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