thursday 01/05/2014

2 bragh full --> 8 000 ctz

skullface cr Oxp --> 188 000 ctz

wednesday 30/04/2014

Secure Trade is still broken?

Sorry yeah forgot to update you lot Tessa cr is gone smiley

Hello ladies and gents of Clint City, I am here to purchase any and all Lear Barduh 0xp for the reasonable price of 18k a pop. Just stick them bad boys in my ps and enjoy your fresh, shiny 18,000 new clintz cash (after Kate taxes).


Vickie cr achieved. The topic can be shut down. thank you

Zatman - 33k
Lady - 33k
Dorian - 18k
Hefty - 11k
Herman - 6k
Kolos - 45k

Most of these cards reach this price everyday but unfortunatly I'm allways sleeping at that hour.
If you are interested in selling them to me, just put them on private trade.

Thanks for your time.

tuesday 29/04/2014

I buy all 10,8 k a piece.

Hi guys ,
I buy many Westwood 0xp for 290 clintz.
Put them in my private sale.
Bye smiley

Good morning, I'd like to sell or trade my swidz cr full xp. My valutation is about 156k but i will check every kind of offer. write me in privatesmiley

Now I have Jim Cr

0 Spycee

monday 28/04/2014

Hello everybodysmiley

I would like to buy Dalhia Cr 0xp if possible.

I offer 83k. If u are interested put her in private sell or contact me.


I am selling 48 Pan (few of them 0xp) for 2,8k/head. I accept clintz or playable Cr's.
PM me if interested.

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