friday 21/02/2014


I am looking for 12 Maciej 0xp, I offer 3300/u in PS !

Thanks everyone smiley

Fast? it depends... if he is offline it won't be that fast, and by that price I can sell them at any time faster in the market

nice guy? I unfortunately don't know him, but I don't doubt you. Anyway, here in Portugal we have a saying that goes like this: "amigos, amigos, negócios a parte", translated by word it is "friends, friends, business aside", which in this case means that though we are frinds, or he is a really good guy, it doesn't mean that I will sell him things cheaper, ruining my business.

No need anymore ;P

I buy:
Vektor: 8k
Shaakarti: 13k
Tomas: 6k2
Dr norton: 250

Only 0xp, directly in my ps, thanks guys!

My kero 0 xp (550k)
searching for jacky cr 165k
Miss Twice Cr 225k
cooper cr 62k
and Kalindra Cr
i give you kero 0xp and 15k

I want to trade some of my cards + cash for a Marlysa Cr

I offer:
500k cash
Caelus Cr [120k]
110x Tremorh full xp at 5.7k/u [627k]

total: 1.247.000

PM me if interested

And have Spyke full 21k and el divino Oxp 29.5k

I would like Tessa Cr. I can offer 10 Veenyle Cr and 300000 in clintz for her. I have other cards to trade, so make an offer for her.


- Splata Cr Full (686k)


- Vickie Cr full (510k)
- Noctezuma 0 exp (55k)
- Kerozinn Cr full (520k)
- GraksmxxT 0 exp (45k)
- Lamar Cr full (520k)
- Dregn 0 exp (55k)
- Cortez 0 exp (57k)

Hi friend

Trade mi Splata Cr full valued 685k and mi Kerozinn Cr full value 535k

Listen to your proposals

Exchange sure


Sell Flavio Cr (0 exp)
Estimated price 570,000 Clintz
Or will exchange on Kerozinn Cr + 50,000 Clintz
Possible bargain


I buy all oxen 0xp 4100/e (4300 for 50 and more!)

directly in PS!


Vickie cr

Please use English on the EN message boards.

Interested in Sum Sam Cr?

Wow my guru cr is the number 231743... do you want it for an pther guru cr and 50k?

thursday 20/02/2014

Some of them are, i think 5


My Lyse Teria Cr and Marlysa Cr (0xp) for your DJ Korr Cr.

I´m selling flavio cr for 600k or trading it for blaaster cr + 520k, all negotiable

If you are interested, PM pls smiley

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