sunday 13/04/2014

I'm selling 5 Jane Ramba Cr's for 45k each or 225k all together

saturday 12/04/2014

Thanks for the info, I can't be on all the time, but when I am, I do normally check to see. I was just to late this time around.

The price on the market is actually 180k. I change my card only for other cr
I don't care of the experience (full or 0xp is the same for me)
I will consider every cr you can offer from caelus to chikko
I won't take in consideration every offer that is far from my requests
write me in pm smiley

Be careful if it is the same Caelus Cr, you can't do 2 different topics :

Don't really understand what you are looking for ?

You exhange your caelus for the whole clan Ulu Watu or Sentinels ? Or your are looking only for cadrs from these clans ?
And also the cards you are looking for are full or 0xp ?

I have the whole clan sentinel and some cards to trade from this clan. If you want to make a trade contact me to precise your research.


Marina, Alexei, Stacey, Lola, Flush, Revok, Cassandra, Grudj, Hindelga, Liona, Bogdan, Wolfgang, El Matador, Stompah, Windzy, Annuqa, , Trish, Clover, Muze, Nabrissa, Tuck, Ratanah, Yookie, GraksmxxT, Uranus, Jay, Rubie, Dorian, Glenn, Jackie Cr, Yoshida, Troompah, Lizbeth, Hawkins, Jakson, Hawk,, Caelus Cr, Greem, Eloxia

I have all of them what will you offer me?

Ulu Watu
2x Wee Lee, 2x Hikiyousan, 5x Lulabee, 4x Gabrielle, 24x Nanook, 16x Gaia, 34x Rass, 1x Zack, 132x Nympheea.

4x Oxen, 16x Nellie, 7x Wayne Stark, 14x Glenn, 15x Beetenka, 5x Tyler, 1x Gradymag, 4x Harold.

1x Dagg, 4x Naele, 1x C Beast, 2x Cyb Lhia, 19x T Gaank, 9x Kobalth, 22x Lovhak, 25x Dreadlash.

0 Spycee

Only 2 Parmabarb left.

friday 11/04/2014

Stupid UR system. . .

2 lamar Cr + miss twice Cr + 50 k for marlysa cr

My Tessa Cr by the market price now 860K, 655K is Kerozinn Cr.
The difference may be in the cards or in cash.

A greeting.

Hello Pm me if you are interested in trading a noctuzema for my ongh.

right now market price is 69K on noc and 71K on ongh so its fair market value.

I sell for 215 k
You van contact ne in MP

PM me for private sales.

Huracan, Jungo, Junkz, La Junta, Leader, Montana, Nightmare, Piranas, Pussycats, Rescue, Roots, Sakrohm, Sentinel, Skeelz, Ulu Watu, Uppers, Vortex I'll add later. Or check market.

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