friday 11/04/2014

Huracan, Jungo, Junkz, La Junta, Leader, Montana, Nightmare, Piranas, Pussycats, Rescue, Roots, Sakrohm, Sentinel, Skeelz, Ulu Watu, Uppers, Vortex I'll add later. Or check market.

0 Spycee

[SALE] + title
Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

No cards being mentioned anywhere in this thread nor prices are stated. Don't do this next time. If you put them on public market, don't post a thread about it. It is counted as spam.

20 el divino 0 exp + yayoi 0 exp + hemdall 0 exp

Dj full + 1.2kk for my 0xp ù.ù


thursday 10/04/2014

I am selling 10x Oxen 0xp for 7k / u
Lowest price on the market is 7.4k. Second price is 8.3k
I accept cash and spyke 0xp [27k / u]

PM me if interested

My valutation is about 180k
I'm available for every type of offer,in particoular I search Jackie or Caelus
write me in pm for any offer smiley


15 of them bought in the market, 19 left (323k) if everyone is interested

Selling 13 selma at 13.5k per piece smiley

20 selma for 3copper

Wrong section. What are you trying to tell us?

wednesday 09/04/2014


I'a looking for those collectors :

- Thaumaturge Cr 0xp - 190'000
- Jim Cr 0xp - 200'000
- Ombre Cr 0xp - 300'000
- Page Cr 0xp - 90'000
- Miss Twice Cr 0xp - 270'000

I can offer :

- 32 Boris Cr 0xp - 14'000/t
- 120 Niqiloda 0xp - 1'400/t
- 350 Maciej 0xp - 3'500/t
- 120 Maamoon 0xp - 1'300/t
- 30 Pandagran 0xp - 7'000/t
- 30 El Divino 0xp - 31'000/t
- 90 Hemdall 0xp - 22'000/t

Thank you smiley

Hi, i sell 494 rahanpah 0 xP : 1.9 k each .

36 chiara cr.....

Find thankssmiley

Sold thanks, can be closed smiley

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