sunday 26/01/2014

Its quite a specific trade, you might have to wait a while for a response, so dont get too impatientsmiley


Kamekun 0xp 1500/e
Oxo 0xp 1500/e
B Bazooka 0xp 3.4k/e
Hemdall 0xp 14k/e
Curlix oxp 11k/e

Please put in my ps

Je suis commercial Tanaereva Cr full pour 0xp lots de Carmen, et Kamekun

Tanaereva Cr full - 240,000

Carmen 0xp - 1,200
Kamekun 0xp - 1,500

moi un message privé


Update: Vanish, Kephren, and Blidgey are all gone.

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.

Yes, you really need these 15k to your half billion collection smiley

saturday 25/01/2014

Lol he's not getting it

Im selling for 5500 or above negotiabatible

I have 248 cards. For 260 each ?

Please specify exactly what cards you have to offer smiley

Hello all,

Looking to trade for a Diyo Cr 0xp 90k

Proposing these;
Ghumbo 0xp x3 16k/tete ( 48k )
Shann 0xp 18k
Betelgeuse 0xp x3 5k/tete ( 15k )
+ 9k clintz
Total = 90k

Through S E.
Thank you.


I sell my 31 curlix 0 xp in private sales at 11 k each !

New day for this sell/trade.

I'm closing the topic this night.

Wait... so you are offering the card... 50K under market value?..

People this is a BRILLIANT bargain!!! smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Selling a Jackie CR for 155k
PM me

Still looking for x2 Uranus 0xp

Hi, i sell 28 page cr 0 xp at 75 k / each in private sales .

You can take 1,2,3 page cr or all . You do what you want smiley

friday 24/01/2014

Nobody is interested to ambrose cr?

I want your Lizbeth. I have 5x Clara and 5x Tshern plus 30 000 ctz to trade

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