wednesday 09/04/2014


tuesday 08/04/2014

I want to sell 190x Hawkin Noels for around 100k ctz (negotiable) or will trade it for cards . Message me if you are interested.

I have to offer

El Divino
Ongh 0xp
Raeth 0xp
Bragh 0xp

I look for:


I am willing to trade 2x guru cr full xp , both exstimated at 10,5M

the first guru can be exchanged ONLY vs your Dj korr cr (10M) + complement around 500K

the second guru cr can be exchanged ONLY vs a 0xp guru cr + 25 000

We will use private sales, with the help of a moderator if necessary smiley

58 betelgeuse 0xp estimation?

Hello to everybody i sell or trade the following cards

• 70 Angelo (37 full+33 0exp) 5k/t
• 56 Moses (24 0exp+1 semi-evo+31full) 5k/t
• 31 Tremorh (9 0exp+7 semi-evo+15 full) 7k/t
• 8 Lizbeth 0exp 60k/t
• 6 Hemdall 0exp 19k/t

i'm interested to:

• cash ∞
• Manon Cr 1.35m
• Jackie Cr 200k
• Tessa Cr 830k
• Tanaereva Cr 275k
• ...

if you are interested contact me, all is negotiable


monday 07/04/2014

I think wrong forum mate smiley Vente is for a different forum

Sorry but secure trade is not working right now

Estimation of 59 betelgeuse 0xp?

Alright I now have

416 anibal

118 full or mixed

298 0 xp

My price is now 3.8k a piece if you buy them all, or 3.6k full 4k per 0 xp

Total comes too 1.58mil I am willing to accept 1.5mil for the whole lot

I do not wish to sell Sabia anymore.

I need a noctezuma, simple as that. I need to trad for him if possible because frankly I don't have 70k clints laying around. I do have a decent amount of trade stuff tho. Message me about what you would trade him for. I don't have and cards in the range of 70k so make sure to message me with a list of what you're looking for from low to high cards. I've got alot of doubles of stuff that easily amounts to 70k.


150 Full Treeman
100 0xp Treeman

Interested in high valued cards!

Post offers below or PM me! smiley

sunday 06/04/2014

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