wednesday 04/07/2018

Exactly as title says i'm trading Behemoth for 2 Matilda + 50k

I value Behemoth at 550k and Matilda at 230k(x2 - 460k).

Regards smiley

I Change my Lamar Cr full xp (4.3M) by Tessa Cr (preferably full) valued at 3.8M + 500k of Complement.

Thank you for reading smiley.

I am selling my Rass Cr 0xp, who I value at 3.5m.
Pm me offers smiley

tuesday 03/07/2018

Guru gone, found Cannibal, Rass and sigmund


i'm looking to trade my Xantiax Robb Cr 0xp 2.250m
for Death Adder 0xp 1.8m + 450k

I would rate ymirah higher just my opinion though

Thaumaturge Cr just like the title says. Full xp. Market is under 1 mil now, but the seller is motivated so let’s make a deal. Will take card trades close to value. Whatever the current low market offer is, take 10% off, that’s a good starting point.

TRADE my jim cr for Death adder

send pm

Kiki cr (22M)

so for the trade like your General cr+ 2M in clintz or in card value for my Kiki cr.

pm if intersted

Estimate 24kk
I can offer:

Ambrose Cr 2kk
Beltran Cr 800k
Berserkgirl Cr 3,7kk
Blaaster Cr 1kk
Flavio Cr 4,5kk
Lao Cr 6kk
Marlysa Cr 5kk
Marco Cr 300k
Quetzal Cr 800k
Reine Cr 2,2kk
Sylth Cr 800k
Kreen Cr 600k

Armanda Cr 0xp for Nemo Mt, Kenny Mt, Robb Cr any xp

I can also just do
kiki cr voor general cr + 2M
again pm if interested

I’m offering DJ Korr cr full xp not 0 xp

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