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tuesday 10/06/2014

Good luck dandy

his price is fair smiley

Beltran cr 230k. I offer jackie cr 217k+ 13k . thank you

Its not that im poor smiley im cheap smiley

Any one who dont need hawk and lehane , i m ready to buy it for 1 k

Update: 100 Kephren sold.
Both Sum Sam and Marlysa also sold.

pm price or trade on Kephren 0exp in bulk CHEAP!!! x1300 left.


I am buying Vickie Cr Full XP for 650k Clintz, price is somewhat negotiable

PM me or place in my PS, thank you smiley

Got a pretty basic idea of how much it sells for. Gonna make a Sell and Offer Thread now.

monday 09/06/2014

Pm me and name price so we can also work out deal. Plz no offers of cards in bulk

160k cash

NO problèms smiley

Miss twice cr and scarlett cr sold smiley

@mu jess pm smiley


send in my PS

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