thursday 24/04/2014

Have :

Looking for Spyke and other high value Berzerk cards smiley Will also accept client in conjunction with cards, but Spyke is the priority target smiley

Title says it. I have a Caelus Cr 0xp and I'd like a Skullface Cr. I don't care about it's xp or level.

Not really gave, but it was a good discount, just to make it clear i didnt want Tessa just to sell it for profit, i just didnt think she was worth buying for almost 900k, and also, i wanted to buy copper along with her and i was on a budget, hope i made it clear, gonna close this now since there's no point keeping this up.

I need more 42 parmabarb, 43 curlix, 77 vektor and 97 lear barduh !

I have 153 rad, 40 rudy, 260 dreadlash, marlysa cr 0xp, 2 jackie cr 0xp, 2 caelus cr 0xp !

Haha nop sorry smiley

Still waiting for a serious offer smiley

1) Dragan Cr+ Ombre Cr + Blaaster Cr = Marlysa Cr
2)Tessa Cr(0exp)+ GraksmxxT + Ombre Cr + Blaaster Cr plus un négociable nombre de clintz avec moi=Marlysa Cr
3) Dragan Cr + Lamar Cr(0exp)=Marlysa Cr + 200k
4)Dragan Cr + Ombre Cr + 100k=Marlysa Cr
5)Dragan Cr + 410k= Marlysa Cr

Hi i would like to trade my 100 0 exp noctezumas (85k/h) for your playable cr's
lyse teria cr 7.2m
marlysa cr 1.4m
tessa cr 870k
splata cr 800k
kerozinn cr 620k
vickie cr 600k
lamar cr 575k
tanerava cr 270k
jackie cr 210k
caelus cr 170k
kalindra cr 170k
blaaster cr 110k
copper cr 90k
emeth cr 81k
kenny cr 65k
robb cr 50k
pm or post here for more info thanks UR and have a good day smiley

PLEASE specify what you have for sale and Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

761 Nobrocybix left

wednesday 23/04/2014

Go away bug smiley

Alec Cr: 187K + 10K = 197K
Chiara cr: 20K
Caelus Cr: 175K
20 + 175 = 195
you make a profit of 2K

65 kamekun 0xp + 60 D4 Funk 0xp

Selling Kamekun x 64 (60 0XP, 3 Full, 1 2*) for 130k in cash.

PM me or post here smiley

Hello to everybody i'm looking for some mefisto 0exp (13k each in cards)

for them i offer:

33 Angelo 0exp(4.5k/t)+10 Moses 0exp(4.5k/t) vs 15 Mefisto 0exp 13k/t

or 3 angelo/moses 0exp for 1 mefisto 0exp 13.5ksmiley

all in private sale

if you are interested contact me all is negotiable


Sell have lots and lots to sell/trade. smileysmiley

dregn 0xp
zatman 0xp
kolos full xp

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