saturday 03/05/2014

I am interested in your Kalindra Cr, i value her at 160k.
I offer you the following Cards for her:
Emeth Cr (90k)
Marco Cr (45k)
Edd Cr (27k)

pm me if you are interested

I have them now, thanks smiley

friday 02/05/2014

All cards are 0xp**

Smokey CR can be any xp

No thanks too much

Crap wrong forum

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Plz 1M35 can't... impossible but 1M3 yeah smiley !!

MP me !

Lol no XD
I end this :3

I'm Okey i send u Elya and u send me 2 tana + 30K smiley
Thx u smiley

Manon Cr 0xp =1550K
100 Draheera 0xp:1200K
1 Blaaster Cr smiley
Cassio Cr 0xp: 100K
For 9 Tanaerava: 280 X 3=2520K

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Nobody knows. It will be down indefinitely.

Meanwhile, refer to this thread.

Can you say that more plainly as nothing is in my private sales?

thursday 01/05/2014


your Lyse Teria Cr


- Sum Sam Cr 0xp 1.3m
- Rass Cr 0xp 1.1m
- Ambrose Cr 400k
- 2x Melissa Cr 0xp 340k a cad
- Kalindra Cr 0xp 170k
- 3x Blaaster Cr 0xp 110k a cad
tot. 4m + 3m in cash

53 Kinjo 9000/per

looking for Cr or clintz

Currently she is near 200k since she was under "OPA". Since she is unplayable I am not about to give more than 190k,thank yousmiley and I do prefer a 0exp selsya

My 14 Beeboy 0xp (280k) for Tanaereva Cr (270k)

Interested parties can send me Graksmxxt full/0 xp and I will send them the corresponding Sabia 0 xp in 24 hours.

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