saturday 29/03/2014

Buying Splata Cr 0xp 800k.

friday 28/03/2014

Page Cr x 78000

I happen to have an Aigwon and Snowflake on hand, although I won't be able to send them over right now (I'll need them to aid in my quest for Andy Ld).

Do you have a list of specific cards you are looking out for, or are you just starting to collect Skeelz?

I buy one copy for each card listed below, if interested put them directly in my PS :

Chad Bread Cr 57000
Page Cr 77000
Diyo Cr 79000
Cassio Cr 84000
Swidz Cr 97000
Nahi Cr 147000
Alec Cr 160000
Dwain Cr 164000
Beltran Cr 168000
Jim Cr 180000
Skullface Cr 183000
A Award Cr 190000
Reine Cr 250000
Ombre Cr 260000
Melissa Cr 265000
Ambrose Cr 300000
Sigmund Cr 420000
Lamar Cr 540000
Aldebaran Cr 560000
NDololo Cr 680000
Rass Cr 680000
Flavio Cr 720000
Lao Cr 720000
Dragan Cr 730000
Armanda Cr 780000
Tessa Cr 785000
Berserkgirl Cr 810000
Shawoman Cr 900000
Manon Cr 1100000
Scarlett Cr 1230000
Marlysa Cr 1400000

Lear Barduh for the link! smiley

83x Dreadlash (30 0xp) 1300/e
36x Plunk (5 0xp) 1700/e

Also, willing to trade. Don't really have a preference of what for.

PM works best smiley thanks guys.

My offer is the best 50 clintz each.........just put them in my pssmiley

thursday 27/03/2014

You can send each 0 exp Mulligan to PS for 1069 cash
I can trade my Crs for your Mulligan, PM me.

edited by _2015_ thursday 27/03/2014, 20:52


Why did you put me in your BL? smiley

Waller 500 each.
DQ 500 each.

You have to put the evaluation and what you're looking for smiley

I'm both interested in guru cr + complement or offering cash vs the big DJ smiley

I trade the blonde girl, Lyse Teria Cr 0exp evaluated 8m + Aldebaran Cr 0exp evaluated 770k + Elya Cr 0exp evaluated 600k + Sigmund Cr 0exp 520k

Guru Cr any lvl evaluated 10m
DJ Korr Cr any lvl evaluated 10m

pm me if interested.

[TRADE] My Dj Korr Cr for your Guru Cr + 500k

send me a PM so we can trade if interested


I want el divino + Dorian + havok

I'm offering : mokra + crazy Carlo + virginia

Pm me if interested

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