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monday 29/09/2014

I want to sell my 25 Oyoh for 110 000 or
Sedlnor Cr or two kenny Cr
or maybe some other cards
just inbox me

sunday 28/09/2014

Also can accept those combination
- Nahi Cr + Mechakolos
-Jackie Cr+ Mechakolos
- 3 Diyo Cr
- 3 Geuner Cr
-2 Blaaster Cr
I can consider others offer

Sorry for 3th offer
correct offer:
my 2 grace 0xp for 4 lennox 0xp or 4 askai 0xp


je vends 100 Zatman 0xp pour 34k/t

fin: 21:30

merci smiley

150 lindsey found!

thanks everyone

closing nowsmiley

New rates-
tasty tast@1350/t

reeve trade still exists

I buy all your Irene 0xp 1k for each privates solds

Nod, but the title or message doesn't say which way round you want to trade. Lot of folk will be passing this one over not knowing what way you mean.

And if you're trading off the Edd CR you do realise you're losing money on it and it will only get worse on friday when the next new blood comes in?

saturday 27/09/2014

Send me 11 wee lee 0xp and Miss Twice is yours

What Crs did you lose ?

Hito everybody... Ladies and Gentlemen, come here!!!!..today i have for you, a very interesting lots. They are all normal cards 0 exp certified. Today your only difficult choise will be which lots i will buy! smiley Because i will value all kind of offer with cr playable and not playable, cash coffee and pocket money xD Then, come to look what i have to trade:

Lotto Mars : 200 Virginia 0EXP 17K/T
Lotto FUNKY : 100 Willy 0exp 16k/t
lotto MARMO : 50 Jay 0exp 18k/t

i accept:
CR playables and not playbles, i will make some example like Tanaereva Cr 310k, Caelus Cr 170k, Kalindra Cr 0exp 160k, etc etc

if you are interested send me a pm or write here your offer i will value her.

i will trade in private sale or with a mod


friday 26/09/2014

I give 225 000 clintz cash for him!

I still have 90 Beef 0exp smiley

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