monday 07/04/2014

I do not wish to sell Sabia anymore.

I need a noctezuma, simple as that. I need to trad for him if possible because frankly I don't have 70k clints laying around. I do have a decent amount of trade stuff tho. Message me about what you would trade him for. I don't have and cards in the range of 70k so make sure to message me with a list of what you're looking for from low to high cards. I've got alot of doubles of stuff that easily amounts to 70k.


150 Full Treeman
100 0xp Treeman

Interested in high valued cards!

Post offers below or PM me! smiley

sunday 06/04/2014


I am looking for some Kolos 0xp, I buy them for 50k/u cash in my private sale

Thanks smiley

I sell 200 el divino 0xp
I look for 35k each, but give me your offer

Trade my Splata Cr for your Lao Cr
- Secure trade -

Also interested in marco cr :3

60 campbell = 480 K
I offer 200 K and 40 graven full xp = 480 Ksmiley

300 aleister 0xp at 850 each.

Only cash via private sale smiley

Ahhh, Vickie Cr. I think I first bought her back when she costed 185,000 clintz.

That sass is definitely from Ireland... lol.

saturday 05/04/2014

SELL FOR 52000

Pm if interested

Hello, I am looking to sell 177 Kamekun (0 exp) for 3K a head. I am also open to trades for consisting of playable Cr's as well.

Contact me if you are interested or would like to negotiate and pm for a faster response. Thanks for your time!

Secure trade goes down every other week
I've stopped noticing when it's down

Kenny Cr 0xp for 75k cash

pm smiley

Hi everyone

As the title suggests,I would like to sell my

- Tanaereva 290k
- Jackie 200k

- Both are full Xp,please post here if you want them.I'll consider trade offers as well.

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