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saturday 20/09/2014

Hello,i sell/trade
- Lot 1:912 Houtay 0xp(950ctz/t)
- Lot 2: 165 Dolly 0xp (500ctz/t)
- Lot 3:232 Scooty 0xp(400 ctz/t)
-Lot 4; 62 Mefisto 0xp (17k/t)
Lot 5:49 Wolf 0xp (920ctz/t)
Lot 6: 32 Judge Scare 0xp(950 ctz/t)
Lot 7: 14 Nova 0xp (850 ctz/t)
1 Vickie Cr 0xp (620k)
1 Blaaster Cr full( 140k)
For: cash or cr(each kind but 40k +) in single copy(maybe in little lots only for my lots)

Hello i have 3 lots :

100 Lulabee Oxp : 12k head
85 Lear Barduh O xp : 14k5 head and
80 Reeve O xp : 25k head

I accept :

Cr : Marlysa Cr : 1m2
Manon Cr : 1m25
Jackie Cr caelus .....
and cash

Now, we flooded this thread. smiley

Trade my dr copernica for your pilzken smiley

Split the difference ?

I have cards that I bought from 2011 smiley Jackie Cr.

Umm the title says all buying 0xp karnor ved for 300/head
not accepting bigger lots than 10 atm...
pm me ur offers

I buy Irene 0xp 900 clintz each.

I have 2 Sasl Lovelace 2 0 exp and I have 1 full =3smiley
and I have spyke offer me smiley

Got this for 17k Xd lol

My oxo for your na boh
my kamekun for your na boh

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

friday 19/09/2014

Done, please close the topic.

thursday 18/09/2014

Hello to everybody i trade some of my virginia full vs dr copernica 0exp

i offer 2 virginia(14-15k each) vs 1 dr copernica (28-30k)

we will trade in private sale


Buy 2* 0xp in VP 200CTZ/cards, no fulls

215 000 in private if you want ?

Hahaha. Nice one pre.

If you are trading please write what you want in return. If you are also selling, please state the price that you want. 'Market price' is not good enough smiley

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