saturday 03/11/2018

I am looking to trade my 0xp No Love for 1 Nemo Mt any xp. I will 400k on top.


friday 02/11/2018

1 more death adder up for trade for Aldebrana CR

Hey Sweex !! 10 Shogunn 0xp at 75k ??

155 zigal full left! No zigal 0xp!

I am looking for Moukrok I am will to buy for 1.3 Mil however I will also willing to give both Charlie and Lady aswell

thursday 01/11/2018

I also have 9.5 mil clintz now

wednesday 31/10/2018

If there is interest in the lots we can also negotiate for other cr/mt's or expensive rare cards.

Hi! I trade/sell 4 Nahi Cr full xp that i value 970k each
PM me if you are interested

No longer needed i packed him thread closed

Thank you Cthulhu!! smiley

tuesday 30/10/2018

Bump bump, people, gimme some love! smiley

Valuing at 21.5m

If you want to trade then i am asking for a combination of these:
No Love - 2.9m each
Death Adder - 2.3m each
Moukrok - 2.15m each

Feel free to DM offers

monday 29/10/2018

I buy:

Wanda 0xp 15k / t
Kinjo 0xp 55k / t
Death Wing 0xp 35k / t

I have:
1 Shawoman Cr 0xp 3 million
9 Xingshu 0xp estimated at 100k / head
3 Newell 0xp estimated at 165k / head
2 Fiddler 0xp estimated 365k / head

Looking for Guru Cr

Offering Death Adder 0xp (2M) and
16M clintz

Pm if interested

Sorry, clarification, I meant Nero, not Nemo Mt

I would like to sell 100 Dookor (50 0xp 50 full)
For 9.5M

Also looking for Kiki Cr #General Cr Guru Cr i will add glitz for the lowest market price to make up the difference

sunday 28/10/2018

Blaaster Cr is my strong preference, but I would be willing to consider something else. I saw your post, but unfortunately I'm not looking for Comanche right now.

I would be interested in another Soleil:
Reine Cr (1.2M)
Selsya Cr (975k)

I'd also look at Jackie Cr (1.3M)

Feel free to pm me to discuss these or other offers.

Closed. Thanks -raven - smiley

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