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sunday 14/09/2014

Like a big bangsmiley

İ wnat to sell my Splata Cr 0xp for 840k Clintz.
i can buy these cards and cash?
Cortez 0xp 50k
Kolos 0xp 50k
Wee Lee 0xp 30k
Noctezuma 0xp 70k
tanaereva 0xp 310k

I search:
Vickie Cr: 600k
Lysa Terya Cr: 7kk
Marlysa: 1.4kk
For the answers contact me with the pm

saturday 13/09/2014

Looking for 0xp

20k comp

Hi, I offer 6 0XP Rolph + Tanaereva Cr for Ambrose Cr.

Pm me if interested. smiley

Hey, i trade my Cr's for other Cr's like dragan cr, jackie cr ,vickie cr, dounia cr ecc... They are:
-2Aldebaran cr (830k)
-Rass Cr 0xp (830k)
-Shawoman Cr 0xp (815k)
-48 Noodile (14500 /cad)
Mp moi smiley

My 2x Hawk 0xp for your Wee Lee any xp. PM me

Ask to MU-Cisco for wee lee smiley

*I sell 14 Rhed Cr smiley

Still going for a good price. smiley

Trade my:
1 Terry Cr 0xp

Trade for your:
1 Terry Cr full + your offer

I'm open, lets talk business



friday 12/09/2014


like it said in the title I would like to trade my 500 Aaron 0xp for your (only) 315 Grace 0xp !

Contact me by PM if you are interested, thanks smiley


I am selling 150 Clive 0xp for 13k5/u !

Contact me by PM if you are interested.


Elya purchased smileysmiley

12 ZDrone 3* =1100k each =13,200
21 Billy Bob 3*=650 each = 13,650
7 Bunny 2*=550 each = 3,850
If you will buy all 30,000 smiley

There are still avaible:

B) Splata Cr 0exp 800k
C) Sum Sam Cr 0exp1.2m
D) Armanda Cr 1.2m

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