monday 23/12/2013

Pm me if you are interested

People! i also need Vickie cr full! and what about caelus cr?! everyone has it...

Edit: jackie cr + 87-90k

I sell Rass CR to 700K, or exchange for :

Vickie CR (520k)
Tanaereva CR ( 220k)
Alec Cr (170k)
Spalata CR (700k)

sunday 22/12/2013

I really didn't know where to post it, and sometimes I can't understand if public presets are good or not, that's way I was seeking help here... but thanks!

Change of plans i give 701 Clintz per calliope

Might end up just buying all none CRs 0xp and start from scratch on a new account smiley

Hello everyone! I would like to trade my Kenny Cr full xp for Smokey Cr

I am willing to trade through Secure Trade. Thanks!

My 0 exp striker for your full exp striker + compliment .

post your deals. pm me if interested to deal.

I want to trade my lamar cr,tessa cr and 100k for your marlysa cr
pm me

This is the english forum....smiley

Jour ^ __ ^, échanger ces cartes pour guru cr
500 revok 0 exp: 1.5K une heure
100 deea 0 exp: 2.2k une heure
300 kawamashi 0 exp: 6K une heure
9 Tanaereva 0 exp: 250k une heure
8 jackie 0 exp: 165k LIUNA
J'estime Guru cr: 7M et 500K
qui est intéressé contactez moi sur vp


Add Tessa Cr full around 700k in trade no sellsmileysmiley

Im trading my pyro bogdan harleen eve + morphun + 12k for Vermaire and Ed Cr of montana

pm me if interested

saturday 21/12/2013

65 mokra 0xp

5 robb Cr + 30k cash for your ambrose ?

Lol getting back jackie smiley)

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