tuesday 04/03/2014

Buying oxos at 0xp for 1700-1800 each. pm me

I want to buy guru cr (0xp or full ot semi) at 8M clintz Cash.

Thank you,

Ill buy the stoogesmiley

Please write the exact price that you want, you'll be able to negotiate later smiley

I'm looking for a Charlie for 55k

Don't need him anymore

I would like around 900k for rass

monday 03/03/2014

Update: Noctezuma for 60K

I would appreciate if one would send me a private message to negotiate and enact the trade with me, therefore the trade would be properly executed. Thank you, dear fellow members of the Urban Rivals community.

Can go up a little just looking for quick buys

1M250 cash

I offer 94k for Blaster Cr, full or 0xp, same thing

1-100 Mokra 0 xp - 12k per head
101-250 Mokra 0 xp - 12.5k per head
251+ Mokra 0 xp - 13k per head

Leviatonn any xp: 18k per head

Transaction via private sale.

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