friday 17/01/2014

thursday 16/01/2014

Hello, I want to trade my 10 Baldovino's (full xp) against 10 Grudj's (any xp)
I can trade them all together, but I can also trade 1 Baldo vs 1 Grudj
You can send me a Private Message if you are interested

Link: Gina Glitt

I only take 0 xp of that card.

Hy, i bought bodenpower for 10.2k in 0xp and el matador for 10.5k, or for the lot trade with some cr or cards, ask me and we see smiley

I also Sell / Trade Ava´s for 5-10k each smiley

Elite cr - 4x1230 = 4920k, not enought, sorry

Hello everybody,
I sell or trade my guru cr full I value him at 7,8m full cash or 8 m in crs.
contact me or write here, thanks


Thanks Staff

I have
X1 spyke - 21k
X1 Cortez - 46k
X1 Elvis - 7k
X1 hammer - 13k
Total:87 k
All full xp

I am looking for

X3 0xp Uranus - 63k
X1 Angie - 5k
X1 fixit - 5k
X1 el matador - 9k
X 1 la calavera - 2.5
X 1 wonder Lana - 3.5
Total : 85k

Pm me if interested

Not interested in anything else , don't bother asking

Thanks mods smiley

Hello everyone!
I would like to trade my:

1 Tanaereva Cr Full
1 Hawk 0xp
1 Charlie 0xp
1 GraksmxxT 0xp
1 Yayoi 0xp
1 Kinjo 0xp
1 Arno 0xp
1 Kalindra Cr Full
1 Lumber Jack 0xp

for Vickie Cr Full

I am willing to Secure Trade ES

Can't do this unless you have 122 boris cr 0 exp

PDD: 16.5k
Looking for:

wednesday 15/01/2014

Magenta 0xp for 910 Ctz on my PS

Recherche Rakhan 5* 0 xp 1500/Tête UNIQUEMENT

Recherche Rakhan 5* 0 xp 1500/Tête UNIQUEMENT

Recherche Rakhan 5* 0 xp 1500/Tête UNIQUEMENT

Sold, thanks! smiley

I can give 4 el divino for 1 copper 0 exp

Not looking for nabrissa and kephren anymore

I am also open to any offers on cards I have not listed

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