friday 21/03/2014

I am looking for a Guru Cr.

I offer:
8 700 000 cash in Private Sales

Thank you.

Cash/cards around 630k

I agree, Sum Sam is one of the original 5 and due to how rare he is keeps him at a fairly high market price, However if you notice the play-ability of the cards in question, Splata has increased much faster than Sum Sam and, In my opinion, If given another six months to a year, with the way the prices have steadily been rising, I would venture to say Splata will be worth just as much, if not more than Sammy. Again,, just the way I'm perceiving things,, and lets face it,,, I could be way off. With the way the contests and such are giving away Crs that people wouldn't have had a chance at getting unless they put a chunk of real money in the game the market price of both the above mentioned Crs could crash in a month... not likely but possible all the same.. Good luck

thursday 20/03/2014

My Sigmund Cr for your Vickie Cr. smiley

TRADE: Jeena for Kerry
TRADE: Jeena for Kerry
TRADE: Jeena for Kerry
TRADE: Jeena for Kerry

Hi smiley

lyse teria cr 7M5

2M5 cash + 2 Kalindra Cr (1 0xp) + 10 Blaaster Cr (8 0xp) + 15 Cortez + Rass Cr + 3 Melissa Cr 0xp + Ambrose Cr + Vickie Cr


Still looking.

14 dregn i give for an dragan

Up, only have 3 0XP Jackie Cr now, no Clintz really smiley

If you have less then 15 the trade can still be done..even if you only have one copy of mefisto

For sale
dalhia cr - 75,000
lizbeth- 60,000
akhab - 19,000
blood - 17,000

All are full xp

accepting nightmare montana or uppers

PM me

wednesday 19/03/2014

Mokra lehane virginia for your el divino 0xp

Pm me if interested

I offer for him

5.8M cash
Marlysa cr Oxp
Tessa cr Oxp
Jackie cr full
Copper cr full
Blaaster cr Oxp
Dalhia cr full
2 Zatman full

My pm is open smiley

Hello to everybody i buy ndololo cr, full or 0exp is not a problem, for 670.000 clintz

if you are interested can contact me or send it directly in private sale



I sell à lot of 600 stompah 0xp for 8000clintz each (4.8m for the lot)

I need only clintz but i can see all offers in cards if its good offer smiley

Thanks and sorry for my bad english smiley


Je souhaite vendre un lot 300 mawpin 0 exp.

PDD : 2k/t.

Moyen de transaction VP.merci smiley

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