thursday 23/01/2014

Still looking, will pay up to 3700 per copy now and 3900 in bulk. Thanks for the sales to me so far to those of you who contributed.smiley

Just looking to trade my 0xp skullface cr for full with a small compliment

Pm if interested. Thanks

Trade my miss twice cr 0xp for tanaereva cr

If interested, PM me. Thanks!

No thanks i have already sold them

Signed by all the mods and admins?0xp from 2007? maybe a cool million

I will add compliment for the market price

You would have 1000 + when they were at 35-40k smiley

Vente 22 campbell 0exp.

Je leur valeur à 7,5 k p / u. Je cherche 165k pour l'ensemble du lot.

Je vais accepter Clintz (+2,5%).

Je vais aussi accepter:
zapatino 0exp à 750
kamekun 0exp à 1500-1600
carmen 0exp à 1100

message privé pour une réponse plus rapide.

désolé pour mon mauvais français.

Clover Noel 0exp : 320 clintz
Clover Noel full : 305 clintz

wednesday 22/01/2014

Whoops, meant to say trading Kolos FOR those common cards + 15K, my mistake


also trading for 0exp zapatino at 750 each
i can also buy them in my ps

Hi , i search 100 zapatino 0xp , i offer 750/h in Pv or copper (72k) + 8k in Security trade = 800/h.

Pm me.


I have 100 lou 0xp for trade, for 5,5k/each

I accept cash and all the playable Crs smiley

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