tuesday 25/02/2014

9m for my dj full

Hi , I want to buy some 0xp cards , in my private sells .

-Angelina / Sargh / Borss : 270
-Dieter : 300
-William : 350
-Derby Queen : 420
-Radek : 550
-Zapatino : 599
-Yodd : 1200
-Nerfentiti : 1250
-Oxo/Kamekun : 1500
-Psylo : 1850smiley
-Jautya : 4400
-Kinjo : 7800/t
-Devil Dog : 9000/t
-Curlix : 10.5k
-Vermaire : 11k
-Ghumbo : 14k
-Uranus : 24k
-Leviatonn : 25k
-Spyke : 26k
-Striker : 31k
-Yayoi : 33k
-GraksmxxT : 47k

These are my prices for each cards !
If you have more than a few , send me a pm !
Thanks a lot smiley

I am desperate

Selling a Ongh 0xp for a Ongh full xp plus 5k

monday 24/02/2014

Only for nocteuma? i search dregn my offer is 51k smiley

If your offers were serious then you'd have these Crs already smiley

Wrong section.

Buy :

- Campbell 0 exp (8 k)
- Graven 0 exp (5 k)

Contact me (private message)

Looking forward to buy :
Kerozinn cr : 500 k
Marlysa cr : 1000 k
Only clintz. If interested PV or PM.



I want to trade
parmabarb hula madelone quaischoco hemdal praxie redra Milton plunk scubb Hawkins raeth tyd shazam bogdan for:

Frankie hi wendel Jose star lady ongh scopia nyema jean full xp

Pm me if interested

I got more Campbell smiley
I have 5 full xp (8k) and one semievo (pfull)8.2k

Not interested in any of those mentioned. I am interested in almost any deals that are win-win for both parties.

Just a rough idea what I've bought...

So far, I have bought 1k Treeman. Still thinking if I'll be buying more.
I have bought Hindelga as well. Might be looking for more, depending on how many you have.

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