saturday 07/12/2013

Hello, I'm interested !

Your Vickie is 0xp ? Because my Splata Cr is full xp. smiley

Looking for 1x full xp Yayoi, paying 20k. If interested please send private sale. Thanks.

friday 06/12/2013

Trade done

Thanks mod's smiley

Willing to trade for 53 x 0xp Dr Falkenstein

Message me if you are interested. smiley

Hi , 7 rolph 0xp for 9k/Head in Es or 9,5k/Head in vp , pm me for more information smileysmiley

Hi! I sell 12 Fanny for 3k2/head, not negociable, all cash.

I am looking for a general cr,i can offer lyse teria 0xp, dragan cr, elya cr .... and a lot more
Send me a private message if xou are interested smiley

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Heitachi, qubik, amiral coco, t gaank are gone

I stimate charlie 0 exp 55k each..
I search cash and cr
Thank you

And levi no thanks

55k to high for zuma's

thursday 05/12/2013

Sold marlysa Cr and lyse teria Cr smiley


I've got Lyse Teria Cr and I want to sell it for 6 300 000 clintz. We may negotiate the offer.
Pleas contact me in pravite messages.

Best regards!

Srry i,m not interested on kiki cr smiley


I wanna sell my smokey cr 0xp for 63k

Private sale


Why would anyone be interested.?
they're practically worth the same amount

As the title says Noctezuma full xp and Jane ramba Cr for your Kalindra Cr
PM me if interested...........
thanks mods.

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