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thursday 28/03/2013

We are a guild coming out of inactivity and we are looking for new players!
stars in the hoods

"By god, the code to enter the guild is 1-2-3-4-5? Amazing, I have the same combination on my luggage!"

wednesday 27/03/2013

We are still looking for great players!!! Join Limit Break today!

tuesday 26/03/2013

Join War Party!

Do you love anime? Do you love manga? Do you want to express your love to other people? Well, I created a community for that! This is a fairly casual guild where you can meet new people and talk about what you love smiley Join my guild for lots of fun and good times smiley
-No restrictions to join
-Must be social smiley
-Must not be a hater >smiley


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monday 25/03/2013

The demons need you to join them in hell. Come and destroy the angels and burn the heavens to dust. And the gods...they will fall to our feet begging for mercy!smileysmileysmiley


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sunday 24/03/2013

Economy is a guild specifically based on that: the economy of urban rivals. It is split up into two specific parts; the correct allocation of pillz in individual battles, and second is the value of any individual card in clintz. This guild is being made specifically to think about these two things, and analyze them in order to both make clintz and win games. It is a project long time in the making and attempts to answer questions such as:
-When to buy and sell cards
-How potential elo bans affect card values
- Do formulaic equations work in real time battles to win percentages of the time?
- Is it better to go all in with pillz later or earlier in the match?

No restrictions on accepting members. Anybody willing to join who is willing/interested in such pursuits.

My background: Played the game on and off for about four years. Top elo ranking is 1445 and have hit 1400 several times since then. Recently admitted as a pre-economics major, and interested in urban-rivals as a test subject.

saturday 23/03/2013

Hello people!

If you are looking to get into an up and coming Guild I highly recommend The Performers. I truly think you will not be disappointed. smiley

B smiley

friday 22/03/2013

Clan Tag UP is already taken by Underworld Priests, the well known high leveled guild, but I have no objections as I'm not a member of the guild, but good luck on your guild regardless.

thursday 21/03/2013

Join now the best guild smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

tuesday 19/03/2013

First 5 members to join are going to be admins.

If you are an active player who is at least level 30 or above then come join us. We are an active guild looking for active players. guild:1913354 Happy Battling!

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sunday 17/03/2013

We just improved our own bank and make a powerful alliance!

Hi guys just doing an update on our progress smiley, we are now level:5 and are still moving up to be a strong team, we also have high activity and are doing a cool event for our guild members only , to join just make an application and good luck smiley

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Don't miss out for a chance to join the guild who's gonna rise to the top, we have great players who can help you every step of the way.

We only ask you fulfill the entry requirements

saturday 16/03/2013

Thanx ... Anyone can join must be active that's all I ask of u

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