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wednesday 31/07/2019

Sale has ended. You’re welcome to everybody who participated. smiley

Getting rid of some of my doubles.
Might accept cards as trade , cr or mt only.

x1 Jackie Cr 0 exp ~1.2 kk
x1 Mokra full exp - 120k
x1 Oriold full exp - 100k
x1 #Vermin N full exp - 40k
x1 VeeXn 0 3xp - 60k
x3 Skyler full exp -10k ea


As mentioned by the previous comment, I think a valuation of Rass Cr from your end helps players know what is an appropriate suggestion in your point of view.

As it is a trade, I suggest you also name at least 1 card you are looking for and their valuations to help give a trade suggestion.

Best of luck for the trade.

tuesday 30/07/2019

I have a Armanda Cr 0 Exp and would like to have 16 Captain Rescue 0 Exp smiley

How about it?

monday 29/07/2019


0 xp:
1 Bob Joby 2.1k
5-10 Bob Joby 2,2k/t
11-25 Bob Joby 2,4k/t
26-50 Bob Joby 2,7k/t
51-75 Bob Joby 3k/t
76-100 Bob Joby 3,3k/t
101-150 Bob Joby 3,6k/t
151-200 Bob Joby 4k/t

Full -0.1k/t

Shall I put 100 Dwains in your PS for 700K each please?

I'm searching for 5* common cards 0xp
3500 each

sunday 28/07/2019

Hi! I want to trade for a Graksmxxt Mt full XP (600k) I offer...

150k Cash
Chiara Cr 0xp 115k
Edd cr 0xp 180k
Grudj Cr 0xp 160k Total - 605k. I will add more if prices change!


Hello everyone,

i'm searching for DJ Korr Cr and #Lyse Teria Cr.
i'm offering my Guru Cr (0 exp) or/and 10kk Clintz.

PM me please smiley

saturday 27/07/2019

After a very long Break from Ur im looking to fill my Collection a bit. So im trying to

Splata Cr full 4,0 m
Lamar Cr full 4,1 m
or both together for 7,9 m

Im looking for a lot of cards upwards of 30k. In fact the list is like 10 pages long so i dont want to write it down but i would still be intersted if someone has some duplicates to mix into the sell offer or make a huge list of cards who match the worth of Lamar or Spata Cr

Thanks in advance smiley


Lamar Cr is gone.

Buy The Rocktana Full Exp for 80k each
Buy The Rocktana 0 Exp for 90k each

friday 26/07/2019

thursday 25/07/2019

wednesday 24/07/2019

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