friday 19/10/2018

Selling 4 comanche 0xp 450k each
2 death adder one 0xp and one full exp for 1.9 m each
1 schwarz 0xp 200k
2 tormentah 150k 0xp
noodile cr 0xp 82k
noctezuma cr 400k 0xp

As the title suggests. My 0xp Smokey Mt for your max xp Smokey Mt and 250k.

thursday 18/10/2018

It's still not sending. Just put the card in my PS.

I sell a Cannibal for 0 XP for 10.5M!

u can pay in:
No Love: [2.1M] 1x
#Tanaerva CR [2M] 2x

Full cash = 10.4M on market.

Trade my Guru Cr 0exp for the full + 2m cash
Thx smiley

wednesday 17/10/2018

Full guru+grax mt is acceptable offer for me

Basically the title. thanks!

tuesday 16/10/2018

Besides it's a 0 XP Cr I'm selling..

I want to trade my Beltran Cr for Spyke Mt and 50k.
Price is negotiable.

Do you have a valuation for Nemo Mt?

A price for reference can help other players in making offers.

In addition, if there are specific cards you want, it is also advisable to mention them and your market valuations.

Hope this helps you on your trade.

My Lyse Teria cr full + 2.5 M cash for you Dj korr cr

monday 15/10/2018


I sell my little Lot oficial Dookor Oxp, your price is 150k/each. Total 15M.

MP for me. Negociation possible.

I want DJ Korr Cr 0 xp.

For him, I propose :
- 18,5m cash
2 #valhala 0 xp

Pm me smiley

Kiki Cr Full + Behemoth 0xp + DA full for your Guru Cr 0xp

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