saturday 30/11/2013

Hey everyone, I'm quitting Urban Rivals permanently and I'm going to give away my collection, worth over 505k clintz. Message me.

I'm offering for copies of Zatman (25k):

Caelus Cr 130k
Marco Cr 40k
Romana 20k
Bogdan 26k

@assoDi no thanks
@jess pm me a offer might be interested in some dorian 0xp
@ CC no thanks but if your yayoi is 0xp ill buy her

only really looking for yayoi 0xp
also will straight up by copies of yayoi for 26k ps send them if your looking to sell

0 ComeAtMe : Haha i'm not very Good in English smiley

Cyber : thank's smiley

No One interested ?

Hello UR I am reading all of the uppers non cr pm me offers and I will get back to u ASAP

Hello guys, I'm looking for:


Anibal, Arkn, Draheera, Hriger, Mechakolos, Rolph, Stalfhaust, XU52, Astrid, Gork, Mok, Toro and Dr Saw.

I will trade/Exchange: Kati, Kusuri, Linda, Macumba, Otome, Rei, Sai San, Sakazuki, Tatane, Unagi, Yu Mei, Bristone, Methane, Meyen, Strynge, Vladimir, Wardom, Buba, Baba, Cyan, Dante, Kristin, Wheeler, Robin e Tobbie.

PM me!

friday 29/11/2013

Also if youd like i can trade 90 saki for your dragan cr

650K on the market smiley

For 7,5k each
actuall market price for 0xp: 7,9k

if you are interest or if you have other offer pm please

Looking for copies of the aztec bad boy..

i value him at 50k 0xp and 48k full

i have these to trade..

i value at

2 sylth 0xp - 40k each
1 kenny 0xp - 60k
1 dahlia 0xp - 75k

prices are negotiable.

pm to negotiate.


Msg me. bump.smiley

Hello to everybody i change my splata cr full (650k) for :

vickie cr full (520k) +130k cash or 100k cash+ongh 0exp

or kerozinn cr (525k) + 125k cask or 100k cash + zatman 0exp

i change in secure trade


Only cash by PS for the current market price: 520k.

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