sunday 29/12/2013

All tucks gone.

Buying (put in ps):
kamekun 0exp at 1k
carmen 0exp 1k
graven 0exp 4.5k

saturday 28/12/2013

Hi I want to trade my spyke for your lady via ST

And oh the cards are 0xp...and im looking for a 0xp Charile

I am willing to buy a jackie cr for Dorian, Hefty, Graks, Lady, Zatman, Maurice, or maybe 130k clintz and a card.
Prices/trades are negotiable.
Jay rock 99

Hello guys

i'm trade my DJ Korr Cr 0 xp (8,5M) for :

★2M cash Min + 2,5%★ ...

Lot's of cr's like a :

Jackie Cr 150k/Each
Caelus Cr 120k/Each
Alec Cr 160k/Each
Blaaster Cr 100k/Each

No CR'S :

Ojibway 0 xp 4k/Each
Wanda 0 xp 3k/Each
Noctezuma 0 xp 40k/Each
GraksmxxT 0 xp 40k/Each

FOR secure trade

Thaks smileysmiley

friday 27/12/2013

Yep i am interested...

I am offering a Dalhia Cr for either,

11 konrad full xp , or

10 konrad 0 xp

(trade) My guru cr for kiki cr + complement. pm me if your interested

Traded for 31, I should have checked how much graks was on the market before asking for another 3.
Good trader, would do it again smiley

Hi everyone,
Exchanging my Jackie Cr 0 exp for a Jackie Cr full + 8k complement.
The transaction must be done via secure exchange,write here if you are interested.

I sell Armanda Cr 0xp by 900.000 clintz and Kerozinn Cr full xp by 600.000 clintz.
Or i can exchange them by lots of Doug Snop (640), or cr cards like Splata Cr.
I prefer to sell them. The price is negotiable.

No thanks i prefers something else.

still have
1x guru
2x vickie
2x berserkgilr
11x nahi cr

the rest has been sold

Thanks smiley I pasted in wrong, I could rewrite but I am too busysmiley

Trading Guru Cr for Kiki Cr or General Cr

If interested pm me,


Tessa cr full around 700k
Splata cr Oxp given to me by mod around 800k obo
2x emeth cr 0xp 55k
2x emeth cr full 51k
2x kalindra cr 0xp 125k
55x shifou 0xp 4.25k
160x tuck 0xp 3k
20x Uranus 0xp 21k
25x Cortez 0xp 51k

Looking for a Kenny cr 0xp any card offer welcome but if dumb ill bl you so please be reasonable

Marco sell fast on market! :O , no need of this anymore

Please specify the price that you want to sell your cards for smiley

This is still valid. As far as I know, I'm the only one that is definitely giving the best rate for Graven 0 xp in the English community smiley

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