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monday 05/05/2014

I want to buy Copper Cr , who is interested pm me
cards which i can offer to this trade :

9 aylen @ 5.5k eack
19 gork 0xp @ 2.8k each
18 malicia 0xp @ 3k each
10 t gaank 0xp @ 4.5k each

interested people, pm me

sunday 04/05/2014

Sell Kenny CR 70K

Hahaha xD

Its not my prob

Buied it for 110 k , thanks brahmaman


You speak great english smiley

I got for trade :
Alec Cr 0xp [185k]
Aldebaran Cr 0xp [850k]
NDololo Cr [920k]
Flavio Cr [990k]

If You buy my Swawoman Cr for 1 m clintz - I give you Copper Cr gratis

U have 1 hour to buy them all from ur ps

saturday 03/05/2014


I sell Vickie cr full 615k.

Contact me on pm to sell her smiley

We can also do some trade :

Blaaster Cr 0 xp vs 11 Vermaire
3 Taylor 0 xp vs 2 Vermaire
2 Romana 0 xp vs 5 Vermaire
Jane Ramba Cr 0 xp vs 4 Vermaire
Kenny Cr 0 xp vs 8 Vermaire
Dalhia Cr 0 xp vs 9 Vermaire
Jackie Cr vs 19 Vermaire
Sylth Cr 0 xp vs 6 Vermaire

We gonna see,
Guys come on, I don't bite smiley

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