monday 27/01/2014

Lamar cr 0xp
Kero 0xp

All CR's i am interested in are needed full xp, so there is no difference for me between 0xp and full xp.
At the moment Alec Cr costs 159k at market, so i would say 155k.

Yeah, i'm open to negotiation. I just think his price is just going through a phase. He wont stay at 12k

Nope jackie cr is the only one i need

I want to trade my 10 rhed cr 0xp (10900 each) to 15 stompah 0 xp (6900 each)

Talking 1,150,000 clintz?

Thanks miagi but general is not worth 7,5M now smiley

Best offer at the moment is 520 clintz each. I'm waiting for better offert smiley


I buy all your 3* cards, the cards should be 2* and 0xp.
I buy one for 220, all cards in my PS pls.


Thanks Shanks Miagi, i talk with him, but i can't sell general for 7.000k
i can arrive at 7.400k min smiley

There was no need to make a repeat of the same post before. please close one of the subjects.

15 full exp Lehane for only 60k and all of them are yours (4k for a piece)

contact me

Im trading my nightmare/sakrohm/frozn for the whole skeelz inculding Chiara Cr and Caelus Cr

pm if interested

100 guru crs smiley

If you are trading these cards, please write what cards you want in return.
If you are selling, you need to write the price that you want for them. Simply saying 'market price' is not acceptable

sunday 26/01/2014

Hello, I am trading my Tanaereva Cr full for 0exp lots of new blood cards.

Tan cr - 235k

Cards I am interested in:

Kamekun 0exp - 1500
Carmen 0exp - 1200
Campbell 0exp - 6250
Noland 0exp - 1500

Thank you. PM me for a faster response.

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