thursday 19/12/2013

Trade or cash 16500

Hey EN Com. Guys , i need some Graven in Bulks. I pay 4,000 - 4,500 Clintz each Graven. Just put it in my Private sales.

Have a Good Time & maybe see you !

How much u value the big 5? and how many charlie vs vickie cr 0exp?

Sum sam cr is sold

now are disponibles:

3 vickie cr 0exp

For 630k or playable cr : ) (or cash+playable cr, lol)

For further information pm me : )

Zatman is gone
@robot make another one

I offer you cassio cr 0xp

Nice estimation. smiley
I wish I had some cash left
but good luck smiley


I need Sylth Cr 0 xp
I can pay 39K in PS
or I can offer 4 Heegrn Cr 0 xp
or jane ramba Cr full xp + 2000 clintz in secure trade.

If u get a lot, pm me smiley

wednesday 18/12/2013

I am looking for a
Splata Cr

My Cr's are all 0xp

Vickie cr full sold, actually are disponible 2 vickie cr 0exp

Title says it all pm me for fast response looking for 2k in compliment
sorry for bad spelling thanks mods for your cooperation

Replied firendly like always, received a PM from the guy up here totally sarcastic and then blacklisted me for being mean. I dont understand kids these days...

Trade done, got crs in 0xp like i wanted.



I want to trade my Jackie Cr 0xp estimated in 180k

I'm looking for:
- Lizbeth full 45k
- Marco Cr full 38k
- Ratanah full 18k
- Raven full 15k
- Romana full 15,5k
- Beeboy full 15k
- Saki full 9,5k
- Kreen Cr 68k
- Veenyle Cr 26k

Via secure trade. Thanks!!! smiley

Hello to everybody i trade my dj korr cr full that i value 8.4-8.5M

i'm interested to:

lyse teria cr + 2.7M (cash+cr)
guru cr+ 1M (cash+cr)
general cr +1M(cash+cr)

i accept only cr playbles like jackie cr 165k, tanaereva cr 240k etc etc

i trade with secure trade, if you are interested contact me


Close subject trade is donesmiley

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