saturday 23/11/2013

You looking for any other lots?

Wrong forum..

Trading my Graven 0 xp for your Graven full xp. smiley

Most likely not. Pm me what you're thinking.

Cards I have to Offer
1x C Beast
1x Dagg
1x Dea
1x Dreadlash
1x C Blade
1x Bublgmm
1x Naele
1x Neloe
1x Marty
1x Drorb
2x Galen
1x Izsobahd
1x Oflgn
1x Onyx
1x Shaakarti
1x Sekutor
1x T Gaank
1x Sunder
1x X-0DUS
1x Ward Hg
Pick any of these or all of em

I just got informed this topic is banneble so i would like this topic to get CLOSED
I wasnt aware of this rulesmiley

I want buy it for 260 000 ctz or little more. PM me plz)

Sold it . thanks

Selling Montana card for low prices pls check market BaccaMafia

friday 22/11/2013

For very big bulk, i can trade general cr full too smiley

I am looking for Ray, will trade you another card of equal value for it

I am looking for

Will trade Frozn cards of equivalent value for these cards PM me or post here


I want to trade my Blaaster Cr full and I'm looking for these:
- 85 Kephren 0xp vs my Blaaster Cr full
- 75 Noland 0xp vs my Blaaster Cr full

Everything via secure trade.

Thanks smiley

1x TSUBAME full exp - 40,500CLINTZ
PM me reasonable offers

For Noctezuma, I offer Uranus + Bogdan + 5k.

Please PM or offer exchange.

thursday 21/11/2013

Fhtagn Ld is not available on the market.
He wants 100k for him

1x Tsubame for 1x Lizbeth please Pm me.

30k+guru cr & 2 lamar cr for guru cr & 2 lamar cr 0xp isn´t a serious offer smiley

I want all cards in return and i sell them in cash for lowest price on market (some card´s not smiley )

This is the last time that I'm asking you to make a proper thread and write the price that you want to sell or trade instead of asking players to view your current sales. This is not the forum for that

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