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wednesday 29/10/2014

I want around 1.2 for manon and 1.4 for Scarlett in cash/cards. I am NOT interested in bulk or unusable crs. All other offers will be considered.

Dounia Cr sold.

I think he selled dr copernica, i've saw yesterday on market smiley

Hello i'm searching lyse teria cr 0xp

i offer my lyse teria cr full + 15k

Mp me smiley

tuesday 28/10/2014

Wrong section

4 found, i'm still looking for other 96 for 57k each

56k each for marco cr 0xp?

I have a Jim CR 0xp and tanaereva CR.

What im interested in is:

Elya CR
Sigmund CR
Kerozinn CR
Slyth CR

i am also open to other Offers so PM ME!

monday 27/10/2014

Ops lyse teria cr full...i mistakesmiley

I accep the tarde, muy 0xp forma tour full+3 tomoe

Anyone wanna trade shann for spyke or chiara cr

Or spyke

You can close it yourself

Hi all,

I want to trade my Elya Cr 0xp (700k) for the following cards:

Dalhia Cr (110k)
Smokey Cr (100k)
Kenny Cr (90k)

The remaining amount (~400k) can be paid with other Cr or lots of the following cards:

Noctezuma, Charlie, El Divino, Cortez, Dregn, Shaakarti.

PM please

Specially PR hartnell

Hi buy 65 pr hartnell 0xp for 4500 send me private sale thanks smiley

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